10/31/09 PepTalk from MattKinsi

I’m writing to you before the official start of NaNoWriMo – we have about 20 minutes to go.  You may be thinking to yourself right now some of the same things all of us are thinking – Will we be able to pull this off?  Will we make our goal?  Will anything I write be good?  Am I completely nuts for wanting to do this?  Am I good enough to do this?

First, let me tell you, you are good enough to do this.  Every author who has ever published a book has had these same thoughts when they sit down and stare at the blank screen, the blank page, and start working on their first draft. Everyone who has ever completed NaNoWriMo and won it has had these same thoughts as they anxiously watch the clock count down on Halloween towards midnight.

Next, we are all going through it too.  Those of us who by the end of the month will have hit 50k, those of us who by the end of the month will have hit 100k, or higher.  We all have the same questions running through our mind right now – can we do it?  Can we do it again?  And those of us who have won in years’ past can tell you that the questions don’t go away.  But its what you do with the questions that matters.

You could let these questions get you so jittery that you can’t write a word – then the questions become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you might last just a day.  But you could let these questions motivate you – yes, yes you can do this.  Yes, you are good enough.  Yes, you will make your goal.

We can do this NaNoLanta.  We are all in this boat together – we’ve all got an oar and are about to start paddling across this deep sea.  If you need to drop the paddle for a minute, that’s ok, but we need you to pick up the paddle again.  We are here for you to make sure you don’t drop the paddle down into the sea, and say you’ll try again next year and jump off the boat with your paddle.  (Ok, so maybe I need to work on my metaphors.  But you hopefully got my drift 🙂

Let’s do this NaNoLanta!

Grab your paddle, and lets start rowing…

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  1. Whoo! Nice pep talk! *dances* I’m all fired up!

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