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Welcome to NaNoLanta – the Atlanta home of National Novel Writing Month. Don’t know what National Novel Writing Month is? Well, we recommend you visit their main site and explore, but we’ll give you a brief rundown. Every year writers all over the world attempt to write an entire first draft of a novel during November. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Crazy? Yes. Crazy Fun? Absolutely.

NaNoLanta – as previously stated – is the official name of our humble Atlanta chapter. NaNoLanta is home to several thousand awesome participants and is run by four Municipal Liasions – MattKinsi, Tiakall, Hype and Sushi. We also have a habit of getting competitive with other regions.  In the past we’ve challenged Denver, beating them in total word count and in total donations;  in 2010 we’ve challenged Dallas-Ft. Worth to a battle over total word count and total donations; we also challenged perennial winner Seattle for a war over highest average word count.

Don’t be shy! We invite all Atlantans to join us in our November writing adventures. From October to December we host all kinds of events, so make sure to check out our calendar and stop by. And don’t forget – when you join the main NaNo site, set us as your home region! The more the merrier!

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  1. call me a novice. i can’t navigate your website enough or maybe i need to be a member, but how do i become one, and where is the kick off event and where are the write in events?
    need info quick,

  2. If you haven’t already, you need to sign up on http://www.nanowrimo.org and
    set Atlanta as your home region. That’s the main site, where the
    forums are, and where you can see the list of write ins. Right now
    the website is really, really slow (the ususal Oct 31 rush :D) If you
    can’t sign up today, don’t stress, write write write and you can sign
    up in a couple of days when the website is faster and less slammed.

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