All About the All-Nighter (18+ Event)

The All-Nighter is rapidly approaching! Here’s everything you need to know:


This Saturday, November 7, 2015, starting at 8PM


lapixystix’s home. This is the same place as last year if you attended. It’s in Marietta, a stone’s throw from 285 and a very strong man’s stone’s throw from 75. Please contact lapixystix or JFCJames directly via nanomail or in the nanolanta chatroom for the address. You’ll probably also want a phone # to call when you get here, as my complex is stupidly confusing.

What Happens at the All-Nighter?

Last year, it ran like a normal write-in (writing, warring, socializing and/or hiding in the corner while churning out even more words) until about midnight, at which point we busted out the Cards Against Humanity for a few hours and called it a night. I believe there was some super-late night hanging out/writing, but I’m old and programmed to wake up at 5 in the morning, so I can only go so late.

This year, there will be coffee and breakfast in the morning. I feel like I baked last year, and I have no idea why, but I’ll be making hash brown (home fries if you speak Southern).

Do I have to stay all night?

Of course not. I stopped holding hostages years ago. If you want to pop in for a couple hours, you’re certainly welcome to. If you plan on stopping by late, shoot us a message first–probably via FB or Twitter so we get a push notification–to make sure things are still going. They probably are, but I don’t want anyone to show up to a locked door.

If you do stay the night, I’ve got a surprisingly comfortable futon, an even more surprisingly comfortably love seat, and plenty of inflatable mattresses. I’d offer my plethora of hammocks but it’s getting pretty darned cold out there.

What should I bring?

If you’re spending the night, bedding. I have many blankets, and they are ALL MINE. For realsies. If you want to bring snacks or beverages, to share or to horde, you can but aren’t required. I have an assortment of bizarrely flavored potato chips and might make soup or something. And I have a Keurig if you need coffee NOW.

Why is this 18+?

I’m a single adult in a household of single adults. There is a bar as well as tasteful nudes and profane cross stitches on the wall. It is entirely possible that one or both of my roommates is not legally allowed within a certain distance of Elementary Schools. We are in no way family friendly and I do NOT want to deal with irate parents. Seriously, even my Wi-Fi password could end with angry phone calls. Sorry.

The Fine Print (in big letters)

We have an old, smelly dog, an old, smelly ferret, and a middle aged, smelly roommate who is supposed to be house sitting at his sister’s this weekend, but no promises.

You are welcome to have a bit of adult libations IF YOU’RE OVER 21 I SWEAR TO GOD DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO CARD YOU but don’t be a derp. Don’t get drank. I don’t want you to be that guy, and you don’t want to be that guy. I’ve been promised there will be 200% less drunk roommates than last year, so if you drink too much every single other person here will point and laugh at you.

The parking situation is pretty rough. There WILL be a place for your car, but possibly not in my phase. I highly encourage carpooling. Feel free to discuss it in the NaNoLanta forum thread.


  1. I think that’s supposed to be Saturday, November 7th 🙂

  2. Thanks 😀

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