Chatroom! Twitter! Keep in touch while the website’s down

Hi guys,

While the Nano site is experiencing a few growing pains, why not keep in touch with the latest news on our Nanolanta chatroom? The channel is as follows:

Room: #nanolanta

For those who do have an IRC client AND want one, if you’re on a mac check out Colloquy, and if on non-Mac, Pidgin supports IRC, some other multiprotocol IM clients may also support it, along with mIRC.

For those who don’t have an IRC client, you can access it directly via the chat applet, at

If THAT site’s giving you trouble (bad java!) and don’t want to download an IRC client, then go to, click “Server” and enter the following:

Nick: Whatever you want. Your NaNo name is ideal so we know who you are
Channel: #nanolanta
Click Connect, and you’ll be in the channel!

If you get stuck with a nickname you don’t want (by default, you are a NanolantaPanda if you use GoodChatting), you can always change your nickname by typing into the channel: /nick Mynamehere

There’s a bot named BattleJesus in the channel. You’ll see us ping him quite a bit, especially for our word wars in November. His FAQ is here. The ones we use most often are !startwar, !joinwar and !joinwar-last, !pick, !status, and the !cq commands.

You can also keep an eye out here or on Twitter (@nanolanta) for the latest news – Twitter is a good source of last-minute info such as parking info and who/what to look for at a writein.

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