Dares (2009 version)

Because where would a novel be without dares?

Regional dare:

Use a peach somewhere in your novel.  Not a peach boy or peachy keen or Peachtree Street (although you do get bonus points for that!) but a normal, ordinary peach.  Degree of ripeness is up to you.

2009 Nanolanta-goer dares:

* I dare you to include a pink elephant.  Bonus points: They can talk.  Double bonus points: It’s a major plot device. (added by Hype)
* Write a scene without using any proper names of the characters. (suggested by ipatters)
* I dare you to include the Olympic Torch somewhere in your novel. (passed by Tizona21)
* I dare you to add a character from your LAST NaNoNovel (or any of the last ones) and include in current novel. (recycled by JukaNyla)
* Have your main character tell a lie that results in total chaos. (an index card that magically appeared)
* Think of a view you vehemently disagree with, defend it with the same vigor in your novel. (thought up by KasaiYoukai)
* I dare you to include a rabid (or otherwise sickened in some way) squirrel in your novel. (infected by HayleyNYC)
* Include a character whose main goal is to accomplish something so great someone creates a Wikipedia article about them.  (last edited by Selene98)
* Include a character who only speaks in bad puns. (sushimustwrite taking a potshot at tia)
* Introduce a serious health issue in one of your characters.  (airlifted by a Hellacoptah)
* I dare you to make two characters that do not know each other meet by having one fall through the ceiling on top of the other one while one is eating a peach. (rswinehart getting bonus points)
* Include fall leaves, an airplane and/or shiny boots. (Johary’d by Johary)
* Make a photograph or a painting a plot point.  Bonus points if photos don’t exist in the picture’s time frame. (painted by Klepto von Umbre)
* Have someone or something fall down a well. (dragged down by Klepto von Umbre)
* Dare you to have something break in your story. (smashed by kudzumon)
* Someone wins a radio contest (not necessarily main character) (called in by phantominblue)
* A character who gives time in military form. (decreed by Allison L. Pope)
*Dare to give one of your characters a unique physical identifying mark.  Example: A tattoo, scar, birthmark. (inked by BeelzeBram)
* Use Waffle House in your writing. (ordered by jim4gl)
* Use Vidalia onions in your story. (picked by jim4gl)
* Use a cat to further your plot. (fed by Klepto von Umbre)
* Have someone crossdress (Klepto von Umbre AGAIN?)
* Introduce a vendor who sells nothing but umbrellas.  The vendor’s shop is in a dark alley. (sold by TaylorGS)

Favorites from years past:

* Here’s the Mother Of All Dares:  Double your wordcount goal.
* Include a character that’s lefthanded.  Bonus points if no one notices for a long while.
* Use strikeout text in your novel.  Bonus points if it’s in dialogue.
* For fantasy novels, have a character with elemental-type powers…but not any of the normal elements. Wood, metal, heat (not fire-based), color, non-dairy creamer…. Bonus points if you can find practical uses for their powers.
* Give a random, uncommonly-winged creature wings. Like a frog.
* Include a character with a removable head that is prone to taking it off at awkward moments.
* Name one or more characters after a prescription drug.
* Every time you make a typo in the dialogue, add that to the characters’ native language. See if anyone notices.
* Take a totally unrealistic dare and manage to make it realistic.
* Have someone switch genders, temporarily, permanently, or repeatedly.
* Include telepathic animals. Note the catch, though: the telepathic animals must be of the creepy crawlie variety, like tarantulas or millipedes.
* Have one or more pretty characters whose sole purpose is to stand there and look pretty. Make sure the reader is aware that this is their only purpose.
* Have a character that talks in Ye Olde English.  Bonus points if they can use correct Old English.  Or, bonus points if they don’t, and another character corrects them.
* Have a character with a name that doesn’t match his ethnicity: a Japanese guy named Enrique, a Norweigan character named Chunli.  Bonus points if there’s a semi-logical reason for the name.
* Use at least twenty semicolons (correctly!) in your novel.

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