Dares list for 2010

Looking for last year’s list?

Regional dare: Include a peach tree (not to be confused with one of the many Peachtrees in Atlanta) in your novel.

Nanolanta-user dares:
Begin every sentence with a different letter.
Write original lyrics to an original song composed by you as part of the storyline. (HerSheKiss)
Use a ukelele. (year_seven)
Have a plot twist happen entirely in the background. (Cal)
Have a pet name “Mr. President”.
Kill the protagonist or another major character halfway through. May or may not be permanent (Klepto von Umbre)
Let the bad guy win once or twice. (TribeUno)
Incorporate a random number generator into today’s writing. (IwroteABook)
Write 50k…over Thanksgiving weekend.
Make an EXTREMELY subtle small “manhood” joke.
Have someone threaten “to bust [someone else] down to private”. (NEWertKrocker)
Write. A. Sentence. With. A. Period. After. Every. Word. (NEWertKrocker)
Include the Kraken. (NEWertKrocker)
Introduce an E-reader and have it solve a critical lack of information. (KariLouise)
Write from the POV of someone that isn’t the MC (Ayame)
Write a scene in which two people argue about someTHING (an object), never realizing they both want something different (KariLouise)
Write a scene from the POV of an inanimate object. (autohaptic)
Write a scene from the antagonist’s point of view. (autohaptic)
Include a bottle of water where it doesn’t belong. (autohaptic)
Include a speech about peach pie. (Ayame)
Include pandas taking over the world. (Ayame)
Have your protagonist and antagonist enter into a long, contentious argument over something very trivial before a very serious battle. (KariLouise)
Include a death ray! (KariLouise)
Have something fly which should not fly. (NEwertKrocker)
Have your protagonist describe your antagonist’s statistics a la Dungeons and Dragons (Hit Points, Strength, Charisma, etc. (NEwertKrocker)
To fuse your abstract antagonist and concrete antagonist into one super-being.(NEwertKrocker)
To have your protagonist and antagonist duel very dramatically in a very silly arena (i.e., scrabble, bouncy castle, laser tag). (NEwertKrocker)
Include a talking, sassy animal sidekick – who dies horribly early on. (NEwertKrocker)
Include a sea battle! (NEwertKrocker)
Mention the musicial Price or Trey Songz in your story. (Banders319)
Write private thoughts of your MC for seven minutes. (Chromatique)
Break one of the rules of your genre as you write. (Banders319)
The MC tricks a delivery person (pizza, Chinese, etc.) that the order is theirs. (TaylorGS)
Include M&Ms. Bonus points if the letters on the candies are a major clue. Double points if the colors in the bag are a major plot point.
Include Edward from Twilight. Then kill him. Bonus points if it’s with a stake. Double points for a sparkly stake.
Write 200 words describing a physical attribute of a character. (Chromatique)
Write three paragraphs in which all the sentence structures are different. (Chromatique)
Write one paragraph without a single passive verb. (“Is”, “be”, “am”, etc.) (Chromatique)
Write a scene where your main character has a breakdown emotionally. (Banders319)
Write a scene from both the protagonist, then antagonist POV smoothly. (Banders319)
I dare you (the author) to get completely naked and write for an hour. (Satin Sheet Diva) (ML note: Please don’t do this at a public writein. We like it when our wrimos aren’t arrested.)
Use a bad Korean karaoke bar.
Use Mexican midget wrestlers.
Give your MC a fascination with straw wrappers.
Have your MC stare into the sun too long and go blind. Write the remainder of the novel without using sight. (Allison L. Pope)
Reference a current politician in your novel, by name or by mannerisms. (quixotic_hope)
Use koalas in your novel. (Loki892)
Reference “Twilight” in your novel. (Literanerd)
An earthquake occurs. Bonus points if it helps the antagonist. Double points if it helps the protagonist.
Mention an Easter egg. (Ben_Madison)
Murder your MC. (tame3971)
Use magical powers. (tame3971)
Add the city of Manhattan into your story. (tame3971)
Include a man-eating bird of prey. Bonus points if it attacks someone. Double points if it attacks and kills someone.
Have a character lose all his/her hair.
Include a Spock reference (Hype)
Include an annoying ghost. (Hype)


  1. I wanted to suggest a dare to describe 5 outfits from polyvore.com that were created by someone else.

  2. I dare you:
    Kill a character by making him run with scissors.
    Kill a character by making him swallow poisonous bubblegum.
    Kill a character by dropping something from a tall tree on his head.
    Then revive them by extraterrestrial means!
    Include a critical quest through a grocery store to find specific items.
    Bury a major plot point or clue in the MC’s neighbor’s backyard and let a dog dig it up.
    Hide a very important item in someone’s sock drawer. Then make them find it.
    Put a murder weapon in a refrigerator and have it be used. Or in the freezer.
    Have a chase scene where the antagonist chases the protagonist and they’re both in golf carts. Or shopping carts.
    Include a dead squirrel in the road.
    Include a clue written in rhinestones on a spoiled chihuahua’s collar.
    Take your protagonist on a shopping trip and make something horrible happen while they are in the mall. Like, say, sea monsters come out of that dinky little food court fountain. Or the merry-go-round stops working!

  3. Am I allowed to contribute to this list even if I’m from England? No? Oh, what a shame 🙁

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