Drive to 50k Peptalk: Week 4

Week 4 Peptalk

So we’re into week four, and we’re hopping along the bottom end of the perimeter. And there’s like, no one around but us. We’ve zoomed through the traffic and we can start to see the finish line. Really, it’s just up ahead. We’ve got one week to get there, and we have this super duper little vial of boosting juice that we’re going to plug into our gas can and off we go. For me, that’s a quad venti peppermint espresso from Starbucks, but to each their own.

We’ve got one week to go. You might be reading this thinking “I’ve got a flat tire.” That was me last night. Literally – flat tire. Got to wake up at 6 this morning to get it towed to the tire place to get two new tires. And I hit the metaphorical flat tire yesterday as well – I got a whopping 18 words in. Go me.

But that’s ok, because I’ve got my super duper little vial of boosting juice with me and I’m going to chug it and get cranking. I’m going to do my darndest to hit my goal this year, even if it means, well, barely getting any sleep this weekend. What’s your super duper little vial of boosting juice that is going to launch you past the finish line like a duck fleeing a hungry panda?

Your plot may be zooming along. You might have thrown it out the window and decided to zoom along with out it (yah, guilty on that one.) You might have finished the race early, but realized, OMG there’s a week left! I can do another 50k on a new story! Just keep on zooming right along.

Ok, so I’m a little zonked today. (see: tire issue.) Here’s the truth. You can do it. You can hit your goal. You can hit 50k. Even if you got a big goose egg right now, I know you can do it. I’ve got full faith in you. Even if you think you can’t do it, I think you can. And I’m never wrong. Never. And I refuse to be proven wrong this year – you will hit your goal. That’s an order missy/mister.

Need encouragement? Post in the forums, go to a write in, and hit up our chatroom. There’s always folks in it challenging each other to word wars (aka timed writing competitions) and they are marveoulous for the word count.

Just a couple of reminders to get your word counts updated. Starting on the 25th you can start validating your novel and get your winner goodies, but after you validate you can keep on writing. I promise. We’re up to 1500 books collected and pledged for the book drive, but boy howdy do we need some more, so shoot us an email at with your pledge. We’re getting annihilated in our wars, although we are beating Dallas with our donation total. Get those words written and update your word count! Do it today! Right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


We’ve got the thread up for our TGIO parties. Thank Goodness it’s OVER parties. RSVP over on the thread for them at so we know how many tables to steal/borrow/reserve.

I’m going to end this peptalk so you stop getting distracted from writing. Still need some pep? Check out the adopt-a-day threads for each day, really, there are some incredibly pep talks in there.

Off to write more,


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