EWW6: Boldly Word Where No Words Have Worded Before

Boldly Wording

The Evening of Writing Wildly fundraiser is back for its sixth year!

We can’t all go to the Night of Writing Dangerously. I know we all really want to, but $300 is hard to raise, especially when airfare to San Francisco, hotel costs, time off from work, and what all else has to be added into that. Since we can’t all go and we all really want to, we here in Atlanta have our own mini-NoWD:

The Evening of Writing Wildly.

Or EWW, because NaNoWriMo HQ had already used an acronym that couldn’t be pronounced, so we one-upped them with one that can be pronounced. Horribly.

We may not have all the glitz of NoWD–because our budget is just slightly above $0–but for a modest $20, you can join us for a cozy evening or writing, socializing, coffee, writing, raffles, (possibly) guest speakers and/or pep talks, games, writing, food, coffee, and writing!

We here at NaNoLanta ML HQ (not a real thing) have been toiling hard to make the 6th Annual Evening of Writing Wildly better than ever, and something truly miraculous has happened: On this day, October 18th, 2017, we know EXACTLY where we’ll be on November 19th, 2017.

We’ll be in the Evans Conference Room C on the lower level of Evans Dining Hall on the Agnes Scott College Campus located in Decatur, Georgia. It has many tables and many chairs–enough to fit a whopping 50 people, in fact–with plenty of space for Pot Luck. You’re even welcome to have an authentic college on-campus dinner before EWW in the Dining Hall upstairs for $6 (we think it’s $6).

We’re so prepared, we have a map.

100% More Prepared

100% More Prepared

Park over there, write over here. Look how easy that is. If you’re bringing something heavy, I’m sure you can temporarily park in P10. Agnes Scott is being super-awesome and providing the room AND encouragement from faculty visitors, so let’s be as awesome to them as they are to us and park in that Parking Garage on South McDonough Street.

Oh, they’re also providing refreshments, but we don’t have to go nuts on their snacks this year.

What I’m alluding to–as well as stated explicitly because, despite over a decade of NaNo, I have no idea how to tell a story properly–is this year we’re bringing back POT LUCK! You’re not required to bring anything, but we’ll have tons of space for a smorgasbord and if we have way too much, everyone gets to take home a plate of food to power you through your Sunday word-fest (and beyond?).

We’re going to do our best to get everything labelled, so be sure to tell us what you’re making on the sign-up sheet. If there’s anything special about it, like it’s vegan or it’s prepared in an allergen-free environment, include that as well.

Please sign up here. Your name should be whatever name you tell us when you hand us your payment or when you pay online here. We’re using YouCaring again to manage credit card payments. They’re a pretty awesome fundraising site, but they do ask a bunch of info about you that I don’t care about and will ignore as much as possible, so please don’t make matching payment to sign-up name too complicated.

It’s surprisingly difficult to get a reliable head count in advance, so we’re offering a reward for early payment.

I'm a much better crafter than photographer, promise.

I’m a much better crafter than photographer, promise.

It’s a progress meter! This cute little space themed IRL progress meter is 2″ x 6″, so it’s small enough to fit on your desk or pretty much anywhere else. Move the rocket along the scale and it feels almost like flying through space, swearsies.

You can pay any of the MLs in cash, and we’ll do our best to keep a couple of these on hand. Just in case, it doesn’t hurt if you shoot the ML a message in advance so s/he makes sure to bring one. We’ll definitely have them at Kick-Off and the All Nighter. If you pay online and need us to mail it to you, we can work that out, but there will be some assembly required.

To Recap:


November 19th
Agnes Scott College
Evans Dining Hall Conference Room C

Entrance Fee: $20
Payable in person (cash) or YouCaring (credit)
special gift for advance payment

Sign up on this spreadsheet today!

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