Greetings Nanolantans! Nano 2016 is upon us!

Greetings, Earthling Writers! If you’re new (or newly returned) to the U.S.S. NaNoWriMo, please pay attention to these special in-flight instructions. They will help you make the most of your 2016 journey, and they can help you avoid panicking in an emergency.


You’re lucky enough to have 5 captains (read: municipal liaisons) for this voyage. Municipal Liaisons are returning WriMoers who have volunteered to help make your local experience out of this world. They help newbies, send out local pep talks, coordinate and connect people to write-ins, and distribute swag. (Among other things.) Please take special notice of their friendly mugs, and feel free to contact them if you have Atlanta-related questions, concerns, or comments:

Home Region

One of the most important ways to stay plugged in this November is by making Atlanta your home region. This will help us keep you informed in case something exciting is going on or an official write-in gets canceled at the last minute.

To make Atlanta your home region, go to the Atlanta forum and click “Join this region” (if you haven’t already). Then go to the Regions page and click “Make this region my home” next to where it says USA :: Georgia :: Atlanta. That’s all it takes!


Write-ins are the heart of NaNoWriMo. For a few hours each week (or just once, or several times a week), you can get out of the house or the office and focus exclusively on your novel. Each write-in is different, so be sure to read any info posted with the location and time. For example, some write-in hosts might prefer an entirely silent 3-4 hour writing session. Other hosts don’t offer any dedicated writing time at all, so you will need to put in headphones to get work done. Most write-ins fall in the middle, however. Often, people will spend half the time writing silently or engaging in word wars, while the other half is dedicated to goofing off or hashing out plot details.

The MLs will be hosting weekly write-ins (each) in various cities, where you can grab stickers and other cool stuff. We’re also hosting several official fancy-pants events:

  • IKEA kick-off party on October 29
  • TBD on November 5 (maybe)
  • All-nighter on November 12-13
  • Evening of Writing Wildly on November 19
  • Thank God It’s Over (TGIO) parties from December 4-11

(All dates and events are tentative. For the most up-to-date info on all NaNoLanta events, read on to learn about our calendar!)

Here are a few write-in essentials:

  • Notebook and pen or laptop/tablet/phone and charger
  • A few dollars for food or drink, if applicable
  • Headphones and something to plug them into!
  • Power strip—not required, but you might be someone’s hero!
  • A friendly attitude

And a few suggestions:

  • Try to let the host know if you’re planning on coming (and then let them know again if you can’t make it after all). This way, the host will know whether or not to wait for you if no one shows up in the first hour or so.
  • Feel free to show up late and/or leave early.
  • Feel free to show up early and/or leave late.
  • Be friendly but polite; avoid confrontations and teasing (even in a friendly way).
  • Alcohol IN MODERATION ONLY, please! Most write-ins won’t have alcohol, but a few might. Please don’t make it awkward this year!
  • Try to buy at least something small from the venue if you can afford to.
  • Don’t feel bad about not buying something if you truly can’t afford to.
  • Don’t talk so excessively or loudly that you might disturb other writers or patrons.
  • Try not to frustrate others by constantly asking for names and other suggestions. (Try Googling “name generator” or posting on the forums instead.)
  • Don’t talk during silent writing times/word wars.
  • When in doubt, talk to the write-in host or PM an ML!



If you can’t go to an in-person write-in, you should definitely consider joining an online one. One place to do that is the NaNoWriMo IRC chatroom. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I’d like to point you to this lovely chatroom guide. The guide should help you get chatting in no time!

Note that Georgia :: Elsewhere already has some virtual write-ins planned for this year, and we are discussing some Atlanta-specific ones as well!


Our Google Calendar contains all of our events and write-ins. If you have (or create) a Google/Gmail account, you can add our calendar to yours so that write-ins show up in your normal Google Calendar. To do this, just click on the little “+Google Calendar” at the bottom of our calendar widget on the main forum page or our events page. You can even get reminders via email or pop-up for any events you want to remember to go to!

Other Questions

Still have questions or concerns? If it’s about NaNoLanta, contact one of your friendly neighborhood MLs. If it’s about NaNoWriMo in general, check the FAQ or post on the forums. (Or ask a friendly neighborhood ML. We’re nice.)

Thank you for choosing NaNoLanta for this year’s voyage! Please buckle up, as we will be blasting off before you know it. And don’t forget to introduce yourself and find a write-in near you. 🙂

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