It’s Kickoff Time!

Hi there wrimos! It’s Hype again, back with another update about more of our fabulous fall festivities! Namely, our kickoffs! This time with more alliteration and less typos hopefully.

As we’ve mentioned in a few of our blog posts and emails, NaNoLanta is partnering with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) for the 2011-2012 season. We’ll be using our little corner of the internet to help the ARTC get the word out about their upcoming Halloween weekend shows. Additionally, ARTC will use the live performance as an opportunity to promote literacy and creative writing by supporting the Office of Letters and Light, organizers of National Novel Writing Month and donating 25% of all ticket sales to this cause.

Because of this, we’ll be working the two ARTC shows into our kickoff schedule this year. Of course, this means we’ll be doing kickoffs a little bit differently than we have in years past. Instead of having a morning and evening kickoff, we’ll be doing two larger evening kickoffs and one smaller early afternoon kickoff on the weekend before NaNoWriMo. The schedule is below:

Saturday, October 29th 6pm – Large Kickoff #1 at The Academy Theatre
Saturday, October 29th 8:00pm – ARTC presents The Horseman of the Hollow
Sunday, October 30th 12:30pm – Small Kickoff at The Academy Theatre
Sunday, October 30th 2:30pm – ARTC presents The Horseman of the Hollow
Sunday, October 30th 6:30pm – Large Kickoff #2 at The Varsity

The kickoffs before the shows are free to attend. We’re keeping the Sunday kickoff before the show slightly more low-key in case people would like to bring their families to one of the showings. Tickets to the shows are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. You can buy them online by clicking here.

So book your plans for kickoff weekend! Remember, 25% of the ticket proceeds go to NaNoWriMo, so please tell your friends and family members to come out and support us and the ARTC. We’ve included a little blurb about the show, just in case anyone needs some further convincing:

On Halloween weekend, the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company will present The Horseman of the Hollow by Kelley S. Ceccato as a part of the Sleepy Hollow Ride Across America event. This nationwide celebration of American storytelling will feature a cascading time line of the famous tale of the Headless Horseman. As the ride begins in Boston with the original tale, participating audio theatres in Atlanta, GA, Ada, OK, and Seattle, WA, will bring Ichabod Crane’s nemesis into progressively more modern times, culminating in a present-day telling on the west coast.

Presented in the format of live audio, audiences will be treated to examples of how the classic radio dramas were performed with actors on microphone, live Foley sound effects, and an immersive soundscape that encourages the listener to imagine for themselves a setting they are unlikely to see in any other live theatrical show or even the biggest Hollywood blockbuster.

Already know what your plans will be? Make sure you RSVP!

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know Smashwords is allowing NaNo writers to upload their novesl throughout the contest ( Not sure if it’s already been shared but…

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