JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 1

Your ML JFCJames here, as you all know, this year I am blogging my novel. Horrray. Nanowrimo finally begun for all of us, hopefully by showing you my progress and word salad of a novel whilst embarrassing myself you will feel better about yours and word on. Reminder that pep packs are available and your co-ml lapixystix is looking for 3 helpers during the week of EWW at her place to prepare for EWW, message her for details. This is it, this is what you’ve been preparing yourself mentally and physically for all year now. Go forth with your fingers wrimos, write all the words.

Chapter 1 begins here


The world was enveloped in nothingness, a vast emptiness that reached out to infinity and beyond. From that darkness, a flicker of light first appeared out of the horizons. A nameless energy brought it upon this world, and thus created life, chaos, and knowledge. From those energies,  humans crept out from within the great energy. Under the knowledge that they were parted with, they created cities, kingdoms, science, religion, and all sorts of creations. They told tales of great Gods and Goddesses, they told mystical tales of powers far greater than they, for within the knowledge they were giving, they were unable to understand the nameless energy that brought this world to existence. It eventually had many different names and different tales. Most of them exaggerates the true existence of that power, or gives it more human like qualities. Yet, as if by a cruel joke, humanity’s growth came to a halt as the stories of their creations came to be. Four deities descended upon humanity, each to a part of the world. Humans, having never seeing anything of the sort, worshiped them as such. They were each given a name, Ydgrisl of the kingdom of E’astiral, P’m’laxrous of the kingdom of Urarax, Tressm of the kingdom of Hilgarisa, and finally Vcxair of the kingdom of Asytur.
The deities, having gained this ability to control humans, each created two titans. These titans would each hold a certain percentage of power and watch over the humans. All was well, the deities could rest and have the titans do their work until one day K’vbal, one of the titans of Ydgrisl decided to rebel against its own creator. Gathering many other titans and some humans, they rebelled against Ydgrisl, it was a long and harsh battle. In the end, Ydgrisl was heavily wounded, the kingdom of E’astiral was in flames and K’vbal was no more, along with most of the other titans. The other kingdoms did not fare well either. Most of them were either completely destroyed or mostly in ruins due to that battle. The deities, seeing this, decided to abandon this world altogether. Leaving the rest of the humanity to die off.Without hope, without their deities, the humans had no where to look. They thus tried to unite into one Kingdom, under the name of Vcxairssil after the deity Vexair of Asytur and Ydgrisl of E’astiral in hopes this would appease the deities. It was no use, the deities did not come back and due to barriers created by these deities during their existence, the kingdoms could not understand each others’ culture, language among many other things. Thus the unification of humans became a failed experiment that lead to a war between the four kingdoms, a clash of  ideologies and culture. In the end, they were finally able to understand each other, but not without losing the majority of the surviving humans in a senseless war. There was only enough humans now for a few scattered cities and together, they decided to name it L’yura. A symbol of hope under their new unified language.
In the kingdom of L’yura, in the grand city of K’nura, the center of all the scattered city sits the ruins of a giant temple of Ydgrisl that was built before the rebellion. Some say that it is there a certain Priest still holds out hope for mankind, that through their efforts to unify themselves and rebuild this world that they can once again win the favor of the deities.
The leaders of L’yura, despite wanting to split off from the old world that rebelled against their own deities, still wants to believe that priest. For they also still remember the golden ages of expansion for the humanity. They want to be able to re-live those moments and be able to rebuild humanity faster. So the leaders sent out a challenge to all the surviving humans, a challenge to bring back the favor of the deities at whatever cost. It is said that if you are able to successfully bring back the favors of the deities, you would be considered to be a deity as well and be treated as such. For it would be the single most significant thing for the survival of humanity.
Days pass, then weeks, then months. Many took interest in that offer, but not many could really think of a viable way to reach that goal. Some have claimed that they could, but couldn’t even get anywhere far outside the walls of the kingdom before dying. So slowly, less and less people took interest in the offer. Having fed up with the lack of interest, the leaders of L’yura decided that they would just send one of their own captains to do the job who would have training and be most likely to find their way beyond the walls and maybe find clues and ways to win back the favors of the deities that so cruelly abandoned them. Captain Jasura, famous for helping the humans survive as the titans and the deities fought, was picked for this mission. Jasura had lead the humans in a decisive retreat battle where they needed to make sure the refugees could reach beyond the lands where the titans and the deities fought. In that battle, Jasura had to not only help the refugees evade the attacks, but also defend against waves of armies raised by the titans and the deities as they fought against one another.
Captain Jasura and her small raid squad rode into K’nura with the sun glowing down upon them from above. Citizens lined up to shower them with flowers and praise. Even though most of the humans, like their leaders, have sought to distance themselves from the past, actually still believed in some part that winning back the favors of the deities would bring back another Golden Age.
Jasura keeled in front of a council of leaders, along with the priest along with her squad. Upon hearing the order, she knew that perhaps she would never return to this city ever again and perhaps the citizens knew as well. Yet Jasura did not back down from the order, she knew that if anyone could do it, she would be the only one suitable for the job.


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