JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 10

Finally, 10,000 words. I broke that mark! I feel like I have achieved something. Despite being 2525 ish behind, I am feeling good about my chances of catching up now. Instead of being insanely behind like how I started yesterday. Now that I am slightly caught up, I lied, instead of sleeping, I am going to try to at least hit 11667, which was yesterday’s goal, or at least that. So that when I get the chance to write again, I will be even less behind. In fact, that wold probably make me somewhat caught up so I can go back to my state of being a schrodinger wrimo, simultaneously behind and ahead. Actually, nevermind, more life happened, now I am as behind as I was again. I guess it goes to show that life really happens during nano. But fear not, I will try to catch up best I can. While you guys should write more too.

Chapter 10

As the new world formed further before their eyes, they slowly began to forget their past world. Languages began disappearing from their minds, along with memories of what they have seen. They were now no longer a part of the old world, they are now a part of the new world. Before them, they saw plants coming to life, turning the once empty lands into fields of green and colors. They open their mouths and no sound comes out, it’s as if they have forgotten how to speak. Then words, new words and sounds started forming in their mind and they are once again able to speak again. Those sounds that slowly as they made them, start to make sense in their heads. As those words begin to make sense in their heads, they once again saw each other in physical forms. Like a splinter in their head, they felt as if they had looked different. But those thoughts passed too, with many other thoughts.
They now had the ability to create lands and creatures as they noticed that with strokes of their fingers they can form the world at their whim. They could, also, with their finger drawings in the air, create creatures. Soon the world was filled with various creatures and landscape. As these things before their eyes, they looked at each other and nodded. It was time to give wisdom, knowledge and power to these creatures that they have created in order for them to go transcend their current status as just mere creatures of the land, sea and air. These creatures could rule the world and become the world’s masters.

As knowledge, wisdom and power was spread throughout the lands to the various creatures. They, the creators of the world, could now see a few creatures who accepted these better than others. And some who ignored those completely ignored these things for they are happy as who they are, they do not need anything more than what they already have. This eventually lead to a dividing gap between the species and this gap eventually lead to bloodshed and deaths. Many species perished as some fought over each other for dominance as knowledge gained became twisted and the creators could do little to change that. Every attempt they did try would end up becoming twisted in itself, further complicating the process.

Eventually, all the fighting stopped, leaving a few of the species alive. The creators of the world could not understand why their knowledge would become twisted when they all began sure pure. At least, in all of this, they had each other and every time there was a fight between the species they would embrace one another. For it was too much to watch. Yet, now, even after all the fighting. They could not forget the fighting, nightmares of those memories haunted them night after night. Blood have stained the once pure green of grass and the pure blue of the water. No matter how much they have returned to their original form, the creators could not forget the bloodshed. It haunted even their waking moments from time to time and before they knew it, they were truly dependent on one another. They now need each other desperately and only through their combined dependence that they can exist.

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