JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 2

Day 2 is here~I hope day 1 was as good for you as it was for me. Chapter 1 put me exactly where I wanted to be, which I am more than happy about. Now I have heard whispering of people who have reached 3k in their first day. Go you! Even if you didn’t make it to the word count that’s okay too. Just remember to keep writing and soon, that 50,000 goal won’t seem that far away. Every word you write is one word closer to your goal! With all that being said, remember that the all-nighter is this weekend, November 7th at co-ML LaPixyStix’s house. Nanomail her for details about the event, remember that this is a 21+ event.

Chapter 2 begins


The moment Jasura and her squad left the city, a wind came into the city carrying with it the scent of death. The citizens rushed into their homes and shut their windows, locking themselves within the confines of their own home for they remember the scent of the wind too well. The same scent of death that ushered in the destruction and deaths. Jasura looked behind her to see the cloud of wind flowing into the city, covering the city in a darkness that she remembers so well.
Looking back, she realizes that it is the same death that loomed over the humans so long ago. She knew that the city did not have much longer either. Soon the city will befall the same fate as the world, death will fall upon them without and warning nor prejudice. No one will survive that, she was certain of it. Regardless of class or power, they will be visited by death, one after another. Like sheep lead to slaughter, without a voice to cry out, without an ear to hear them or understand them.Yet there was nothing she could do to stop it for now, unless perhaps if she finds the way to bring back the favor of the deities, perhaps just bringing an end to this suffering world would be better than to be in this world without hope.
As she rode on with her squad, far beyond the walls of the kingdom Jasura realized why so few people made it anywhere in this world. Beyond the walls of the kingdom, there was nothing but complete wastelands and miasmas of death. Every corner was filled with death and if it wasn’t death, it was just desolation.
Instead of being overgrown by plant life, the world have instead been reduced to a giant desert and dust bowl. Everywhere the squad went, a giant sandstorm would cover over them around nightfall, forcing them to try to find a place to hide from it every night. Some times, it would even continue in the morning where they would easily lose their sense of direction, so they had to stop often and check on everyone and directions.
It wasn’t long that Jasura realized that they would run out of rations before they reached an oasis, perhaps there wasn’t any rations. Their only hope was perhaps to run into the ruins of  a city of a previous kingdom and use those ruins and try to either find food or try to replant life into the lifeless world.
But without an unified map of the world, it was difficult to navigate themselves, the barriers before the unification were far too great. It was one of the things that never got addressed despite the unification because there was no way to fix all of that at this point. Yet, from what they know, they are perhaps the farthest anyone have got beyond the walls of the kingdom. The remains of those who tried to venture into the unknowings have become more and more sparse, as well as the remains of animals. Even signs of that there was at a point some sort of life in this world also became more and more sparse. It was like this world, from the beginning was a world of dust bowls and sandstorms. One morning, when the storms finally quieted down and they saw before them endless dry lands that expanded in every direction. Jasura looked at her squad, they all stood there in silence looking at the vast desert that spanned before them. There was nothing, no sign of life nor end anywhere until the horizon in every direction. They do not which way was back, for their footsteps have been covered up by the earlier sandstorm. Jasura breathed for a moment and declared “we are going to set our horses free here. They do not need to suffer the fate we are about to have. This is perhaps where we will die in trying to resurrect humanity. Perhaps these horses will have better luck finding home than we and we cannot head back. We have to forge forwards. This is our destiny and task. I asked every one of you before we departed to whether this was the fate you wanted to have. None of you said no, even given the choice to be able to leave. So this is your choice, as it is mine. I will not ask of you to do any more than follow my lead into this death that awaits us all and trying to save whatever is left of this forsaken world with me.”
Her squad did not respond, each of them knew that she was right. This is the end of them, without a doubt. Even if it was not the end of it, it was close. This was also their own choice and this world deserves a second chance. One of her squad members came up to Jasura and said “I talk on behalf all the rest here that we will follow you to whatever end. We all believe this world deserves a better ending than it has now, and a second chance.”
Jasura nodded, she and her squad let the horses free, took whatever rations they had left onto their bodies and continued forward into the emptiness and desolation ahead. For there was no back, no forwards. No hope. Only deaths.

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