JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 3

Whew! Writing those stories really helped me keep on target for a daily number. Without it, I usually procrastinate and fall behind and then end up doing some 10K+ days or 10+K days trying to catch up. Those days means about 8+ hours of non stop typing, but that’s kind of how I usually write. In spurts. With this, I am writing as it should be 1667 words, on average, per day. Not only that, it also allows me to do daily pep talk for you guys as well.
I have to say, getting MattKinsi’s blessing for this story was the greatest thing ever for me. The past two chapters have been pretty fun, even though it kind of went in a different direction than what I had originally planned. But that’s all okay, I am a pantser anyway. 😛 That’s how I write my nanowrimo novels and that’s how I like it.

Chapter 3 begins

Back in the grand city of K’nura, things indeed have gone from bad to worse, every plant have died, the water have been slowly evaporating. Even the deepest wells would only give a drop or two now. People have begin to starve, some have already became so lethargic from the hunger they’d just lay on their beds. If they were lying on their beds, they were lying on the streets. The other cities have not fared any better, in fact they have fared far worse so much so that all of them have become uninhabitable and the grand city of K’nura had to take all of the people in as refugees. There was little anyone could do. The citizens of K’nura did not at first want to take refugees, but after the first sandstorm hit their city too, they realized that it was pointless either way. It was futile to be selfish or selfless, no one was going to be treated any differently. They were all going to die, even though it only has been two weeks since captain Jasura have left the city. Most of the citizens have thought her and her squad to be dead, for the sandstorms that followed the first covered the skies in absolute darkness. Everyone thought that there was no way any human would be able to survive that under any circumstances or be able to find their way in that.
The leaders of the kingdom also thought the same way as the citizens, they shifted their focus from trying to save the world to saving the citizens as much as they can. But there was just not enough of anything for everyone. Soon, they too were starving and dying. None indeed were spared, it wouldn’t be long before they would see the end of the days and endless darkness.
But it did not come, week after week, even after all the food was gone, all the plants were ashes and water a distant memory, like the sun and warmth. Yet there was no death. All of the remaining citizens of K’nura, perhaps of humanity, gathered in the giant steeple with their shriveled bodies. They laid there with their empty stares, staring at the broken statue of Ydgrisl wondering why there was no death for them. They wanted to beg for death, they wanted it so badly, yet it would not come.

Far away, Captain Jasura and her squad had finally reached the ruins of another city. It was the first city they have seen beyond the walls of the Kingdom L’yura. Inside these abandoned walls, was very vague signs that there was once a city here. The walls and the ruins of a castle was all that was left in good enough shape, everything else have either crumbled away or buried under the depth of the sand forgotten by time itself. Jasura and her squad could not make out what city this was or what kingdom this was. The remains of the humans have been washed away by the sandstorms, each crashing into this city mercilessly wiping away every bit of sign that this was once a city. Walking inside the castle, Jasura and her squad searched quickly through every room trying to find some more rations, knowing there wouldn’t be any, but they wanted to be sure. There was none. While her men were searching for rations, Jasura sat at the grand hall and thought to herself. She wondered what all those people back in the city of K’nura wondered. Why was she and her squad still alive, she tried to count the days that she had left K’nura, but couldn’t get an exact number. But she knows that it has been long enough since they ran out of rations that they should not be moving at this point. Yet, as if driven by some invisible force, they were still alive. They were still moving. They were still here. None of it made sense to her, but she couldn’t tell any of her squad about her thoughts. She must run this like any regular mission and until they reach some sort of a goal, they cannot stop and they cannot fail.
Her squad returned, Jasura stood up from her seat and said “Tonight we’ll make camp here. Tomorrow we move on if we can’t find anything useful in this city for our journey. If we do, we’ll stay an extra night. We must prepare ourselves for we do not know how long it is we’ll run into another city like this. Now go get some rest or explore the city, that’s all.”Her squad acknowledged her orders and went away, leaving her again alone in the grand hall, by herself. Thinking. Reflecting. Questioning. She walked back and forth and decided to go into the library to see if she could read up something useful there. Perhaps in these books was an answer she was looking for. She went into the church of the castle and looked through all of the manuscripts one by one. But the only remaining ones she could find were nothing but normal prayer materials, but every time there was supposed to be a mention of a deity or a titan, the names would not be there. It was like they never existed on those pages. Jasura searched the rest of the rooms, trying to find anything that would explain what was happening. But there was none. By the time morning came again, none of her squad nor her had found anything useful, so like they promised, they moved on. Leaving this unnamed city behind, along with its forgotten memories. Jasura looked at it one last time, turned away and walked off. For she suddenly realized, no one would ever visit this world ever again. The fact that the names of the deities and titans have disappeared from the pages of those prayers means that this world was truly forsaken. They were on a meaningless journey that had no end, they were perhaps already dead with the rest of humanity and this was just limbo.

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