JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Jasura noticed that as she and her squad made their way deeper into the desolation that there was indeed a stream of light in the distance that reached into the heavens above. Perhaps there was still hope left, whatever that light might be, it could be the answer that they were looking for. How could they have missed it all this time? They weren’t really sure. But they knew that whatever the reason, that was the goal that they must head towards now. For weeks they followed the stream of light, however it does not seem to be getting any closer. It still streamed into the skies, towering in the distance, just beyond the horizon.

Soon, all track of time was lost for Captain Jasura and her squad. The only thing they had now was the stream of light that is now beginning the flicker, but not getting closer. They all wondered whether it was a mirage or an actual stream of light until one morning, they found themselves looking at it. Still streaming into the skies above. It came from a deep cave within the ground. Jasura and her squad went down into the cave to find that the light source was an orb that was emitting the energy. As Jasura touched the orb, a memory came into her mind. This memory was that of Ydgrisl as it introduced itself as such.

“Human or whatever you may be. I am Ydgrsil, one of the deities that once ruled this world. I have left my memory here for you to retrieve for there is indeed grave news I must give to you. This world, no, not just this world. The entire universe is forsaken. Let me explain in detail. You see, the universe has one single source, an unknown energy. That energy is what created every universe and everything we know. It has lasted far longer than any of us and have created many universes beyond any imagination. This world is just one of the infinitely many it has created. The only difference is that when it created the species that lived on this world, humans, it thought to also create us deities to overlook humans. It created us from the want of power of humans, which was a great source of energy that it felt could cause turmoil within itself. It created us from these energies in hopes that we would be able to make these energies go lower or disappear. However, this ultimately backfired as we eventually helped humans create barriers among themselves. For each of them believed in something different, dividing the world into four distinct kingdoms. A great divide separated them. As such, we decided that perhaps to cause them to fear us further and perhaps one day unite all of humanity, we would create titans. Titans who would represent us in a more tangible way, more than just deities. But titans who could interact with the humans and show them what just a percentage of our power can do. That caused the humans to indeed fear us, but unification of humans was still a dream beyond a dream. It was then something horrible happened, I, Ydgrsil lost patience with the humans. Indeed, it felt like some sort of dark energy that built in within myself, it began taking over my mind. I could feel it trying to control me. Trying to tell me to destroy these humans who refuses to unify themselves.
I could not tell the other deities for despite coming from the same source, we are the same yet we are so different. We are after all, manipulations of each kingdom. Thus we cannot communicate with them. One of our creations took notice of my darkness and tried to fix it. But, the darkness did not stop. It grew and grew inside of me, consuming my mind. It was so bad that my creation saw me as a threat to humanity more than anything else, I very much agreed so in order to help humanity. I sealed myself here with the help of that titan, it was most unfortunate that it had to take blame of rebelling against me. But it was the only way. So, I sealed myself here as a memory so that I wouldn’t be corrupted any further. Yet, despite the part of me that is here safe from all the corruption, the rest of me that was unsealed became corrupted completely. Now I saw myself go completely insane and fall to the darkness, I saw the rebellion. Yet that was not the worst. See, the division of power and that corruption was all eventually taken back to the energy source in preparation for a reset. None of the energies would merge back to the original source, instead they fought inside of the original energy source. The energy source dispelled most of its energy trying to fuse all those energy back, meanwhile the humans of this world waged war upon one another, further sapping into what little energy the original source had left. When everything finally calmed down, the original energy source no longer have enough energy to reset anything it could barely run this world even with its now lack of life. And thus this world became forsaken, a limbo where death could not happen for deaths requires more energy than to just to exist endlessly. Unfortunately, the fact my existence here that wasn’t taken away by the original source is also sapping into the energy of the world. However it is the only way I could think of to save myself and the world. Now that you, whoever and whatever you might be, have taken this knowledge. I can finally pass on, returning some minor energy into this world. I do fear that it is too late though. I could not have wanted anything more than to help this world as it is my duty as a deity.”

With that the light stopped and the world turned into darkness around them. Jasura saw the light slowly stop streaming into the skies. She knew now that even with that gone, there was no hope for humanity at all. Now comes the problem of finding her way back to the grand city of K’nura. It is a trek that she did not want to imagine, but had to, this was something she had to share with the rest of humanity.

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