JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 5

It’s been two days since I last posted because of life and what not. But since I am behind, I am going to try to catch up with all the words thanks to the weekend and my normal nanowrimo days I am used to writing 10K+ days.  Don’t be afraid to be somewhat behind for a little bit, because honestly, words will eventually come. And hey, life happens to all of us. #nanoislife and everything happens during nanowrimo after all. Hopefully with all that time I got time to plan for the novel for a little bit so I have somewhat of a plot now. I think, at least.

Chapter 5

Jasura looked at her squad who had followed her for the past couple of weeks on their journey back into the city of K’nura. No one have asked her about what she saw in the vision. They believed in Jasura’s decisions, regardless how bad what she saw in the visions, they believed that she would be able to help humans and the world on.
One night, as the rest of her squad slept. Jasura ushered her second in command to her. “I have something important to tell you. What I saw in the visions were not good. There is an energy that is the source of everything in this universe, but when it created this world, by creating all the deities and titans. It used up all of its energies as a new chaotic energy rose within the deities. Causing it to lose all about a sliver of its former self. If we do tell the rest of the humanity of this news, they’ll surely kill us or worse. Now, despite what that vision has showed me I firmly believe there might still be a way to save the world and I am going to look for it no matter the cost.”Jasura’s second in command, Lamuras, looked at Jasura and said “captain, we trust your instincts. I speak for all of us that we’d gladly follow you, even to ultimate death and doom. Obviously there has to be a way to save earth. We believe in it too. Even without the deities, even without the power that created us. We are still alive. We are still moving on our own for some reason. Without finding out that reason. i don’t believe we can say for sure that we have been completely forsaken yet. Captain, go look for it. We’ll take anything for you. Good luck. May your adventures find us luck.”

Jasura sighed. “I cannot just leave you all to die. Not like this. This fate, it is not for you.” Taking off her badge, Jasura looked at Lamuras. “Take this. I want you to know that I, as your captain will bear your deaths upon me for as long as I live. Even if it is for eternity.”
Lamuras nods and gives Jasura a pat on the shoulder. “No captain, we are all ready to march to the gates of deaths. You just go and find hope. I am sure you’ll find it. We are  sure you’ll find it. No matter how hard it is. We believe in you.”
With that, captain Jasura left the camp quietly and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Indeed, she did believe that there has to be a way to save humanity for her squad have come this far without dying or without starving to death. So there has to be some sort of force or energy keeping them alive. But she does not know what it could be if what she saw was true. There must be a power beyond that of the power that created the universe. Or perhaps a part of the power that is left somewhere on this planet still. Then an idea came into her head, if there is life on some part of the world then whatever that part of the world is, there must be some kind of power still remaining. It means all she has to do was to look for signs of life in this desolate world.
With that in mind, she set off in a new direction, traveling day and night. Trying to look for signs of life, may it be plant life or animal life. Any signs of that there is some sort of power still left in this world that she might be able to bring back and save humanity once and for all.

Meanwhile, the next morning, in the city of K’nura. The city have already disappeared into the desolations. The diminishing powers of the universe have indeed cause the universe the fade into non-existence. If one was to casually pass through the city, they would assume it was a ruin like the rest of the world. Indeed, if not for the fact that when you walk into the ruins of the temple and see the pile of human corpses between the state of alive and death. One would definitely not be able to tell this city from the rest of the world. The humans who are lying there on the floor of the temple have now long stopped breathing and dying. They are no more than just spirits, forced to be attached to their decaying bodies.  Forced to witness the process of decay and death. Only if there was a swift and easy release from this world in the form of a quick death. Or any deaths. Despite all of this, the humans still have consciousness, they all waiting for the return of Jasura. They can still hear sounds, but these sounds are very far away and faint. Indeed, every part of their bodies have failed. If captain Jasura do not come back any time soon, there might not be any way to help the humans. None of them know in fact, how long captain Jasura and her squad have been gone. None of them know how much time they are going to keep waiting. All they know is that there might be some hope. The leaders of humanity are also among this pile of corpses. They have decided that even if captain Jasura and her squad returns with bad news, or the fact that they got lost and have returned with nothing. They will not punish the squad, for all humanity needs now is to survive. Not to mention that there is no way any of them have any sort of way to punish any of the squad when do they return. The sand have already eaten through most of the walls of the temple and much of the city is already buried, it will not be surprising if no one ever finds them. The leaders of humanity looked at the living corpses around them, minute fading into their visions, minute clear. Many of the living corpses have already stopped breathing, yet they are not dead. The only way to tell the difference between these corpses and actual corpses was that from time to time you could still see a minute movement of reflex, something requiring the minimal amount of energy.

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