JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 6

Still on catch up mode. I will write all the words today and hopefully be all caught up. I hope all you wrimos who are slightly behind and see this and see a beacon of hope. For I shall be that beacon of hope for you. You are not alone in the catch up game. It’s never too late. There’s no giving up. You can always catch up. You can always write more words. You’ll always find more plot. Word on and forwards to 50,000 words :D. Word forth!

Chapter 6

When the rest of Jasura’s squad finally returned to the city of K’nura, they could barely recognize it. The only they were able to tell it apart from the rest of the world was the steeple of the temple. Without it, it did indeed look like the rest of the world, covered in sand, forgotten by time. Walking through the city streets, they saw the desolation take its toll. None of the building had a single wall that wasn’t mostly corroded. Soon, these buildings will fall and with that, the only way to tell it apart from the rest. Even the temple only had one wall that wasn’t full of holes. When Lamura walked into the temple, she saw the pile of corpses all laid out around the floor. None of them seemed to be alive anymore. She knelt down next to one of the leaders and asked “can you hear me? It’s me, Lamura, we of Jasura’s squad have returned.”
There was no response. The eyes did not twitch. Nothing moved. It was as if the leader was already past death. But, the leader’s conscious was indeed still there. They could feel the world around them but they could not answer, nor hear, they couldn’t think nor feel. But like a lucid dream they know that they are not dead. Lamura continued to kneel there to wait for a response, for she knew, as long as the squad is alive. There’s no way any of the corpses here are actually dead. The words of captain Jasura’s visions filled her mind, the power of the universe is slowly dissipating and perhaps even gone completely.
She waited there, until a single twitch of the eye from the leader was had. She stood up and looked back at the rest of the corpses. Indeed, captain Jasura was right, the world could no longer power itself. Not even death was possible anymore. What was her to tell these people, would they even be able to hear her? These questions went through her head as Lamuras stood there at the alter, looking down at the pile of corpses devoid of any life and human form. If captain Jasura could really find the last remaining energy of this world and activate it, perhaps there is hope yet.  She breathed in deeply and said “We have returned. I am not sure if any one of could hear. But we know what is happening to this world now and we know what we have to look for in order to save this world. Captain Jasura already went to look for this hope. We are here to report of this and we’ll follow her steps soon. We will probably not be back again. But if we do return, hopefully you’ll be no longer corpses when that happens. Even if we don’t, you’ll be turned back to your original form and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that happens.”
Captain Jasura looked out from above a sand dune, she was trying to spot any sign of life in any direction. Like she had done with her squad so many times. In every direction there was just sand. She had been traveling, in her mind for days, perhaps weeks. The sandstorms have gotten worse and worse the farther she have traveled. It seemed that the rest of the world is decaying worse than the ones that had human life. Perhaps the energy sapping was really in full effect and there was no hope. Yet there was one thing that she could believe in, her own aliveness. She wondered what fate awaited her squad and whether any of the humans in K’nura was even alive enough to punish her squad. She thought about what she would be able to consider life. Could there be life underneath all this sand? What if the life that she was looking for was no longer above ground, as it is hidden within the depths. That would require her to be traveling into the depths of the world. Then an idea came to her, if she was to go down an old volcano that is now also filled with sand. Then surely, surely, she can reach the depths of the world. But would that be where the remnants of the power of the universe keep its power? It made sense to her, at that point, but she decided that until she has walked through the whole world she would not try that. For she did not know what awaited underneath the sand.
So she continued, but this time, taking notes of possible ways to enter into the depths of the world. As she walked, she did not see many places that would lead to the depths of the world. She also noticed that many of the tall mountains have become something completely different. Instead of mountains, they have been reduced to an amorphous pile of deaths. None of the magma and lava remained in the volcanoes either, she knows from her previous adventures that volcanoes even after many years of inactivity would be surrounded by some sort of obsidian. Here, there was just endless salt flats and cracked earth. Yes, the world was so in need of energy that it sapped all the obsidian away from the world and returned these grounds to their original form. Even the salt of the land formed by the dryness of the weather have been disappearing in some places, leaving behind forms of sand that requires no energy. The world was just covered in a layer of sand and dust, along with cracked sand. There could literally be no other form that require any less energy at this point.

Having finished her speech, Lamuras looked at the pile of corpses and her squad. “We will go now to much uncertainty and perhaps deaths for we do not know where Captain Jasura would be now. However, we shall follow her lead and go find the remaining power of the universe. But not every one of you need to go. Spending more energy to look for this could possibly ruin this world further. We need to conserve as much as possible.”
The squad members looked at Lamuras and replied “We’ll stay here and sacrifice our energies to you and captain Jasura. We believe in you two. Please, go find her and save humanity in unison. For you two both seem to know the true destiny of this world and perhaps the only way to save it.”
With that, Lamuras left the city of K’nuras on her way to catch up with Captain Jasura traveling day and night in the direction she felt that Captain Jasura went behind she split up from the squad. The only thing she knew that if she is able to catch up with Captain Jasura, she needed to hear the whole vision. She wanted to know too and she would have stayed too, half her actually wanted to stay. But half of her, the half that dragged her out here believes that she wanted to know and help. She feels like if she went and helped, maybe it’ll be able to require less energy since there will be two people instead of one and she’ll be able to give Captain Jasura any help that is required.

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