JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 7

2500 words in! I am only 4000 ish away from today’s goal. If I write all those words I will be caught up and then, the elusive sleep! I just had about all the caffeine in the world to help me achieve this, so if my story end up sounding all out of whack it’s because I have drank too much energy drinks and I am no longer in my clear state of mind. Blame life, then again when does life not happen during nanowrimo. As a ML, it is my job to take the responsibilities of not writing enough and then catching up as an example! Or something. XD just kidding. Do not follow my example, you will be destroying your own body. I am surprised my body have not fully failed yet. Seriously though, I hope this is all okay for you readers out there who are actually reading these. Thank you for your support, we the MLs appreciate it endlessly.

Chapter 7

Captain Jasura is unsure at this point how much of the world she has covered, but at the same time for as much of the world she feels like she has seen. She feels like there’s so much to check that there wouldn’t be a way to be sure about how much she has or has not checked. Maybe it is better for her to go straight into the depths of the world instead of on top of the sand and dust that covers the world. Spotting a possible volcano in the distance, she went towards it. Knowing that this was possibly a bad idea, she knows well that there’s no other choice left for her. This was possibly the most efficient method at this juncture. Any more wasted time would be bad for the world, even with the infinite time she seems to have. There is not enough time for her to find the cure for the world. As she neared the cracked earth symbolizing that comes from the deterioration of salt and sulfur, Captain Jasura noticed a shape in the distance that seemed like a human. She rushed towards it, hoping to be someone alive. When she reached the shape, it turns out to be Lamuras looking for her.
“You are alive!” Captain Jasura exclaimed in surprise.
“Indeed, but I have bad news. The city of K’nura, all the people there, well all the rest of humanity. They are no more than living corpses. They are not dead, but they might as well be dead. They have barely any movement, you have to wait quite a while to get the most insignificant of twitch reactions from them. That is the state of the world, the rest of the squad have chosen to stay there with them so that we could get more energy to look for this hope. Where are you going captain? I will follow you and help you. But I must know of the entire truth, even though I have inferred a few things about the world. Please, tell me everything.” Lamuras began “If I know everything, then I will be able to help you to hopefully locate whatever we have to look for. I know as well that maybe we’ll find nothing. Even if we do end up finding nothing, we can at least know we tried. Maybe we can even help the rest of the humanity die in some way. Either way, we have to do something.”
“That is exactly how I feel” Captain Jasura replied, before telling Lamuras everything she knew about the powers of the universe and the world they now lived in. This world of limbo and how there was no escape nor hope. “I was hoping to find something deep within the core of the planet, that is why I am going to go down this volcano in hopes of reaching deeper than I can. For I am almost certain at this point that if we just roamed above these sands we’ll probably find something, but it is also equally likely we’ll find nothing and just retrace our steps infinitely for these sandstorms covers whatever steps we make the instant we make them. We can be so easily lost. Within the depths of the world, hopefully there is less of that and who knows maybe our answers are there.”
“I agree” Lamuras replied and they scaled the volcano together. As they scaled the volcano, they realized ground was not just only dry it was also loose. Like the world have really dried to the point that all the earth was now easily crumbled into nothingness. As they got closer to the summit, the suddenly increase in the sharpness of the climb made them realize just how dry the earth have become. At higher elevations, the ground was like a liquid. Despite it being a solid, they also realized just how much energy the power have been taking away from the planet in order to power itself enough to try for a reset of the worlds. When they looked over the mouth, all they saw was complete darkness.
“How are we going to get down there?” Lamuras asked
Staring into the darkness, Jasura shook her head “Not sure, but we’ll have to. There is no way we can anchor anything to these loose lands. If we tried, we would surely fall into the darkness. So our best best is perhaps to just slide down and hope for the best.”
“Well I will go first.” Lamuras offered.
“No” replied Jasura “We will go together.”
Holding onto one another, they lowered their bodies onto the earth and slid down the side of the volcano that they deemed least dangerous. Soon, the only light source from the opening of the mouth faded away and all they could see around them was darkness. It was so deep that Captain Jasura was sure that if they were really alive, they would be suffocating from the lack of air. Yet they were not dying. The slide was truly deep, for there was no end in sight. Only farther and farther into the darkness below. Not a single light source, nor any slowing down which would mean that the slope have lessened and thus they were closer to the foot of volcano or the core of the world. The liquidness of the earth did not lessen either, indeed, the world have been sucked dry of its vitality. Perhaps in the depths of the world, all the different paths have already collapsed, they thought. If that is the case and all the paths have collapsed then they should be speeding towards the core. Which is exactly what they had in mind. This was going better than any of their attempts at possibly finding signs of life and energy on the surface. Yet there was only still darkness. What if the world indeed have been fully forsaken and whatever they are doing is futile.

Back in the city of K’nura, like the squad have previously thought, they too were turning into corpses much like the rest of the corpses around them. They did not mind, for even if neither Captain Jasura nor Lamuras comes back. They know, they have tried and that is well and all good for them. They have no regrets. They shut off their minds and laid there and stopped thinking, slowly decaying away under the sandstorms that finally took away the steeple of the temple. Sand was now rushing into the temple, even the last wall without holes in it was now filled with holes. Soon this whole city would look like the rest of the world. They would not need to change anything more, this was enough. This was as it should be.

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