JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 8

Alas, I wasn’t able to hit the goal of the day, but I was able to write a lot of words. And that is good! So write all the words and maybe you’ll be surprised by how much words you’ve written. Thanks for all the people who were worried about me and my excessive energy drinks. I am slightly okayer now. I am at least not shaking and I have delicious tea and all is right with my world at this moment. Word on wrimos~ You can make it to 50,000 I believe in you even if you have lost a bit of faith in yourself.

Chapter 8

When Jasura and Lamuras came upon the core of the world, they didn’t even realize it. For it was cold, dark and without a sign of life like the rest of the world. They could not see anything, but they know they have reached the core for they have stopped sliding, even in this darkness without a sense of up and down. They know that they are no longer moving, all they are doing is standing atop of something cold which could be the core. It’s either that or they have finally reached the end of the depths. Here, at the center of the world, Lamuras clung onto Jasura. Jasura, surprised, looked back at Lamuras “Are you afraid?” she asked
“Not really captain, but I don’t want to lose you. Even though I cannot see anything. I want to know that you’re there and we are in this together.” Lamuras answered”I see” Jasura replied “you can hang onto me. I am here and I won’t let you go, I promise. Just follow my lead like you always have.”
“Yes captain” Lamuras replied and followed Jasura

There was not a light in sight, yet Captain Jasura continued forward. She knew that the moment she stopped and thought about their direction and position she would immediately be unable to tell anything for there is nothing to help with that. In this darkness, the only thing they had was determination and silence. Utter complete silence.
Captain Jasura pulled Lamuras closer to her as they went deeper into the darkness. There it was, in the distance, a very very faint flicker of light. At first Captain Jasura thought she had seen something from her eyes cheating on her as she has been in this darkness too long. But it was there, in the distance, calling out to them. Thus they went towards the flicker of light, hoping to find some sign of life there. When they reached it, they saw that it was indeed a very faint sign of life. There was a very very faint beating sound, as if it was the heart of the power, begging to be revived. Captain Jasura got up and close to the source of the light, it was very warm to the touch. Yet it did not burn her, from it looking like some sort of energy beyond her understanding. She could feel it pulling her in, trying to use her energy. Looking at Lamuras, she spoke “I do not know what this holds for us, we might have to allow ourselves be absorbed by this to recreate the universe.”
“Let’s do it.” Lamuras answered. “For the sake of humanity. What is this little sacrifice?”
Captain Jasura nodded and together they touched the light source, they both felt it slowly dissolving their bodies. Pulling them deeper into the infiniteness of the singularity. Then for both of them, the world went dark.

The city of K’nura have all but faded into the sands of time. Suddenly, the room of corpses felt something come into them. Every one of them felt a surge of energy into their bodies and everything they have been unable to feel for the past eternity came rushing into them. They felt every bit of decay their physical bodies have been going through. It was unspeakable pain and suffering. The smell was so unbearable, they couldn’t even scream from the pain as their bodies are just piles of decayed and dried up bones. Noting could have prepared them for the immense amount of pain, they wished for death and release. They prayed to go back to whatever they had before all of this, but no, that did not come either. So were they finally dying? They did not know, all they knew was pain, suffering and unspeakable horror. Despite the decay, they still cannot die, even with this energy and wave of pain, they cannot get what they wanted most. The soundless horror spread throughout the room, they could not even curl up in pain as their bodies have already nothing but skeletons. Every attempt at motion or sound would end up in just more pain and suffering.

Lamuras and Jasura saw in front of them things they could not understand. An orb of dark brown and many many other sparkles of light stretched in front of them. Where were they? They did not know. They saw the world around them turning darker and darker as a cloud of dark covered the orb of dark brown. They saw the dark cloud seep into the world, silent screams raised from the world. They couldn’t hear the screams of pain, but they could definitely feel the suffering and pain.  They couldn’t help the pain, all they could was cry for the world and its inhabitants. Then they realized, they were indeed looking at their own world. How did they get here? Were they a part of the power of the universe that created the world now? What has happened? They wanted to right all the wrongs and reset everything, but as they tried, they realized that they cannot. They could only watch as the world suffer.

They are only watchers and they saw the power that created the universe next to them. It was trying to reset the world as well, but every time it tried, only more pain and suffering went into the world. Leaving the world’s inhabitants to scream silently as they are unable to scream as their bodies have already decayed into nonexistence. They are no better than the living dead, but now suffering all the pain the world went through without being able to do anything about it. It hurt so bad and yet it was such a small percentage of what they should be getting. It was futile, any attempts to right this would not end well. The power that ruled the universe now did have energy to reset the world, but it cannot do so until the inhabitants of the world go through all the pain the world have gone through without any help to ease the pain. Nothing at all.

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