JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 9

Yay~ I was able to finally double the word count that I started yesterday. I was almost there last night, but I wasn’t able to update it as I was in the middle of a chapter. But I am able to get to almost 10,000 words. I am almost 3333 words from where I should be, which means I am on schedule to get my wordcount that I am behind by from the previous 6000+ to under 3000. When that happens, I think I should sleep, I can make up about two days of words some other day. I already halved what I owed. Problem is, plot has become rather metaphysical. So apologies, my stories always do this. Or maybe it wouldn’t I am not 100% sure yet. I didn’t plan it out this far, I actually thought the original plan for the novel would go a bit farther than it has. But now that it has come to this point, I have no choice but to try to at least give it a new direction as it is definitely not going anywhere at this point. When I get to 10,000 I would celebrate by sleeping. I haven’t slept in too long. Also, if I am repeating myself it’s because I am actually very very tired at this point. But word on wrimos, you can do it! Yes!

Chapter 9

The city of K’nura felt every attempt the power of the universe tried to restart the world as every attempt brought more pain and suffering. Each time increasing the pain and suffering and adding onto the last. There is no escape, there is no end in sight for any of them. It was now their life now, only pain and suffering. The universe itself tries to restart itself too, but every attempt failed, for it needs to catch up. And every time it does catch up, all it does is dump what was owed onto its inhabitants. Not until all of the world’s problems have been caught up can it finally restart.

Lamuras and Jasura watched all of this and they could not do anything but watch. They could no longer cry anymore for it is too much for them to just watch this suffering. They wanted to help, they wanted to give the power to restart without having the world go through all the catching up, they do not know what kind of energy it would require or how to create such energies. The power, despite powerful, does not have a voice. For it cannot talk nor hear. It can only try to guide and create, it is fair and unfair. It does not know the difference between those ideologies, for it is only a power, it is not an existence. It does not have life, nor does it have complications of complex thought. Yet it far more complex than any thought, than any being. It is the creator and it is the one to end all things. In this time, it is neither able to create nor end, it is doing what needs to be done and the world must thus follow this.

By becoming observers of this world, Lamuras and Jasura are very much alike the deities of the past. But they are not for they cannot create anything. They cannot change anything, they are now as good as deaths. They watched the universe turn around them as the world slowly reformed around them. Or tried to. With every moment of their life feeling like an eternity. And as the eternities added up, and the world seems to be in both the forming stage and the ending phase. Like there was now two worlds, in parallel and upon one another. Like they were seeing phantom worlds ontop of one another. There was visions of worlds were ghost images, they were now unsure what timeline they were in or what they were any more. Instead, they only knew that time was passing and they were a part of something bigger than they were. They wanted to know what world they’ll end up in at the same time, they wanted to, so much, to help the perishing world And as the two worlds faded into one, the world faded to darkness.

When they finally saw the world again, the world was forming. The old world that they knew is no more, they now have a new world in front of them. Were they the curators of this new world? Or were they now a part of this new world? They do not know, they cannot choose. They can only now do what they are given by the power of the universe. The new world at first did not have any form or shape, it is empty and void of life. There was nothing to start with, like an empty canvas. It is this empty canvas that they can create their own world where perhaps the power of universe doesn’t run out of power and with that, be finally free of all the problems had. Yet that is not what they really wanted, all they really wanted was to help the people of their world. But they are now in a different world, without any idea how the other world is doing or what have become the other world. It is in this world that they must not redo the errors of their world.

But they could not, try as they might, rule this world. They could not bring themselves to become the deities of this new world. They have seen their previous world, the memories of the pain and suffering have stayed with them. They are now perhaps stuck here forever and that is their fate. It is a curse more than anything for them, for they have to perhaps witness all that they have witnessed all over again. Perhaps even infinitely repeating for they may not be an existence that have a beginning or end anymore. They are possibly like the deities of their world, or the energy that created their world and this universe. Yet they do not feel like they have the ability to create anything, whenever they try to, things would form and break down. As if it was a reflection of their own mental state. For in their mind, was too much suffering, too much pain. Too many things they have seen before that are broken and are now reflecting into their creations. So all they could do is watch their failed creations try to be formed every time, only to disappear a moment later. This too, put a strain on their mentality and now they really could not believe in this new world. For perhaps it is the old world, but from the start. What if, they suddenly realized, they are the deities that formed the world to begin with, for they know of tales of deities which created their world. They know about how these deities brought knowledge and wisdom into this world, and created every living thing in their world. How after the creation of these things, they helped humanity as they knew it reach its peak by showing them the way through various advances. It was them who brought everything they know into existence, without these deities, their world would be as empty as the one that was now in front of them. A vast emptiness. What were they to do? They could not go back, nor could they not create this world for there is nothing else to do and if nothing is created, surely this world would go through the same process their old world did. They would be abandoning this world, forsaking it. This time, it wouldn’t be the inhabitants who would have to suffer the consequences, but the world itself. That, is a world that could not scream for help or get help in any way or form. It would be worse than the living corpses that was what the humans of their world eventually became. For the world is not a being, it doesn’t have a voice, but as creators they could feel its pain, its suffering. Its silent screams of anguish and sorrow. That, is one thing they must not do. But how? They do not know, this burden was too much.

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