JFCJames’ Nanonovel 2015 Chapter 11

Erm… my plot bunnies all ran away and I am without a plot now. But even then, this has to continue until we reach 50,000 words. So far we are at the 20% mark yay~ I personally am very excited about IKEA and the rest of the events. And even with my ridiculous amount of behindness. I feel like that I can make it to 50,000 words. I am not quite sure how I am going to update these chapters that follow. Since making several chapters while behind breaks the flow whenever I post one. So I guess I’ll do the logical thing which is to e plot best just to restart and try again with all the plots. Or at least attempt to rescue the plot. I don’t know how successful I am going to be, but I am going to try. Being behind is never quite good and I usually am not this behind. But hey, EWW is around the corner and so is thanksgiving. Then again, without a plot to go at this point, I might have to start anew.


As the new world morphed further into creation and the new species started to have a new language. The creators started to have a name. They were called Uytril und Hvmel for their looks that the creatures have never seen. Yet in their blindness, these new species subjected themselves loyally to these creators knowing that it was the creators that created everything and without these creators there would literally be nothing. These creators did not enjoy this blind faith, but had no choice but to accept.
These creators would often be shown in statues standing back to back, as beautiful as the creatures could make it. For they worshiped not just in mind and soul, but also materialistically. Seeing this, for no reason, Uytril would cry, as if there was another time that they have experienced something similar that brought bad results, but they could not remember where or when. It was within those moments that Hvmel would give strength to Uytril by hugging and taking care of Uytril. It was only through  those care taking that Uytril was able to hang in there, otherwise, she would have broken down so many times. Unable to shake the nightmares of the past that constantly haunted her to no end, even though she could not, for the life of her remember any of those memories that invade her so constantly. The worst part of it all was that the more the species that came out on top evolved and became more intelligent and more developed, the worse those memories would chose to haunt her and they would only worse.
Those creatures eventually started building temples to those creators, regardless how many times these creators tell the species to not do such things. The species would not listen. They insisted on not listening, for they couldn’t understand the creators’ pains for they do not have these nightmares that haunt them.

With the powers of the creators, the creatures themselves now having built all kinds of monuments to these creators, they now looked onto things without fear. These creatures believed as long as they believed in the power of the creators, they are invincible and they could do anything they want. Thus, they did, thinking that they were invincible, they waged wars upon each other, upon other creatures, against anything and everything they could. These creatures even went as far as attempting to reach immortality. For they thought once they reach that, they could be one with the creators. The want to be with one and to know the creators went so far, yet the price was so heavy as well. Their numbers dwindled greatly, the errors were blamed on the creators, their monuments torn down, their knowledge abandoned.
The world is now nothing but ashes and flames, even in this state, the creators have yet to give up on the world. Though Uytril have been slowly fading away throughout the whole experimentation of immortality and now has no more than a slight energy constantly in the arms of Hmvel. Thankfully, no one cares so much about the creators anymore, they now are forming their own world. This was a co-existence that was how the creators actually wanted, it might have came a bit too late, but nevertheless it was now here. Yet despite it all, neither parties involved enjoyed this. They couldn’t enjoy this because there is no undoing what has been done already. If there was one thing even the creators could not do, is undone what has been done already.

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