Kickoff Party at Varsity

So it’s a little before 6PM and I’m on the road to the Varsity kickoff party. I’m running a little late since my car started saying something about feeding it a live cat, and well, live cats are a little hard to catch. So when I got there, Tim/MattKinsi had already pulled together five tables in preparation. I arrived with hypothetical cookie cake in tow.

kickoff 1

You see this? This is the kind of thing you get to put up with for the entire month.

People began trickling in only a few minutes after us, lured in by Matt’s fabulous hat and the No Plot, No Problem! sitting at the end of the table. (On the fabulous hat, I was promised a feather boa as well but we couldn’t find any that matched our shoes.) By 7PM, we already had seven other people sitting at the table:

kickoff 2

And then they kept coming. And coming. A lot of familiar faces from the boards showed up, including our amazing motto-maker, Klepto von Umbre, who got called out on it by yours truly. >_> Also present was Hype, who I totally forgot to call out for making our amazing Nanolanta logo (which you can see on this very website!) Sorry. :/

kickoff 3

The amazingly long nametags were passed out, filled out, and pinned to people, and seemed to make good topics of discussion. I have heard that there will be quite a few Humphreys, which pleases me to no end.

By the time the party got started, I needed three pictures just to fit everyone in:

kickoff 4
kickoff 5
kickoff 6

After everyone had mostly stuffed their faces, we had a round of introductions, followed by nano bingo, wherein the goal was to make a bingo by finding people that fit the squares, with things such as ‘has done nano before’ ‘is using an outline’ ‘is writing fantasy’ and ‘does not like sparkly vampires’. The prize was a Nano rock:

Writer's Rock!

writer's rock

Tias, as it turns out, are amazingly bad at nano bingo.

Next, we all had a word war, in which we were all challenged to write as much as we can in three minutes: The topic: a peach. Our two winners, Brian and Hellacoptah each wrote 114 words and got a prize from Matt. Brian wrote about his intense dislike of peaches and Hellacoptah wrote about the last one of the batch which had a mushy side. The fabulous(ly short) ML also wrote a lot of words and her prize was reading her story about the peach that saved Mississippi and didn’t mug old ladies aloud. Yes, this did totally make my day.

Afterwards Matt did some riveting public speaking:

kickoff 7

He even caught the attention of the group meeting in the row behind us, which commented that we all seemed like we were having a lot of fun. The prompts and dare box was passed, followed by the tip jar/pin purchase jar:


And then it was time to cut the cake. Skip back an hour or two to before seven to a conversation between me and Matt:

Matt: So that’s the cookie cake.
Me: Yep.
Matt: Did you bring something to cut it with?
Me: …Crap.

Thankfully, cookie cakes are not as laborious to cut as, say, ice cream cake, and a plastic knife sufficed.

After that, we dissolved into little groups to chat and plot. I wound up at the self-dubbed “advice table”:

kickoff 9

Whereupon I proceeded to dispense mostly useless information, as I am wont to do. (Whatever the heck ‘wont’ means.) I also took the opportunity to snap up a couple more photos of our lounging Wrimos:

kickoff 11

kickoff 10

kickoff 8

This went on for an hour or so until the car started demanding live cats again, so away I went, to return for the write-ins in November. See you there! (I promise the car will be well-fed by then.)


  1. Oh gods, I look like such a goon in those pictures. Happy writing, everyone!

  2. Those old folks from behind us were awesome.

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