lapixystix Has a New House and YOU’RE Invited! (some restrictions apply)

*21+ EVENT*

The All-Nighter is back and better than ever! On Saturday, November 12th, lapixystix and her Ken and Cyndi (no words missing there, she has a Ken and a Cyndi) are once again welcoming fellow NaNoLantans into their home for a night of writing, board games, and mild libations.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Exactly Will We Be Doing?

The big news of the year for lapixystix is she bought a house! Or, her Ken bought a house, but she manages it. The new house is a major improvement on the old house, so we’ll have plenty of space for lapixystix to run word wars in the upstairs common room and James (or Ken if James is actually writing) to run a fun social board game thing in the downstairs common room. We also have a hot tub and can make a bonfire if anyone is interested.

Since this is a night time event, we will not be doing a large food spread, but snacks for yourself and to share are welcome. This IS a 21+ event so you are also welcome to bring adult beverages, but please PLEASE please remember that THIS IS A WRITING EVENT NOT A KEGGER. I use the antiquated term ‘kegger’ to impress upon you the fact that I am not a college kid; I’m an actual adulting adult. Despite what Ken might tell you, this is night for writing, not getting wasted.

Ken is a bouncer. He enjoys bouncing, but I do not want him to bounce WriMos. I like you guys, and that will make me not like you.

Also, I cannot state enough how much we have a hot tub and that it is glorious on chilly nights. If you are interested, bring a swim suit. Despite what Ken might tell you, we are not having a naked hot tub night.

Can I Spend the Night?

Absolutely. I have four sofas, many air mattresses, and two rooms that are pretty much unused. We’ll have breakfast in the morning. It’s house tradition.

Do I Have to Spend the Night?

Nope, not unless you’re drunk, and we just talked about this. Come whenever, leave whenever. You just need to clear out in time for James and I to get to Sweet Hut in Doraville at 4PM.

Where Exactly Is This New House You Speak Of?

Marietta. Marietta Pkwy S and Powers Ferry area. It’s frowned upon to make addresses public, so contact lapixystix or JFCJames directly for an address and phone number in case you have issues finding the place.

I am the first house on the left. There is a big sun over my door and hopefully some balloons on my mailbox. I have plenty of parking around back. My driveway works best if you enter it after the mailbox.

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