Make Matt Miserable

And the MMM fundraiser is OVER!  Thanks everyone for participating.  We raised over 300 dollars!  woot woot.  For those who donated, you’ll get to read the monstrosity after Matt corrects all his typos.


(Ok, that’s not really a picture of Matt.)

Want to make ML Matt Miserable?

He tends to write the same kind of story every year – literary fiction with a really depressing ending.  Usually involving a lot of death, most of the time self-inflicted.  And people seem to want to force him to write something different.

So let’s make a fundraiser out of it.

He’s game.  He will write a 50,000-word novel during NaNoWriMo according to whatever is decided out of this fundraiser. Now, he’s going to write at least two novels this year – his personal one AND this one.  And everyone who donates will get to read this novel (after he fixes his inevitable typos.)

Here’s how this is going to work:

First, leave a comment on this post with what you want to pick.  First come first serve.  Be sure to leave your email address when filing out the form.

Then, Matt will leave a comment to confirm with you and update the status on what you picked to “pending” and put it in italics.  He will also try to email you as well, so put your real email down.  He will only use it for purposes of this and will promptly forget it afterward.

Next, within three days of Matt’s confirmation of your initial comment, make the donation, filling in “nanolanta” as the “CampNano, Script Frenzy, NaNoWriMo username” for your donation.   

Then, forward the receipt to donations  Once confirmed, this post will be updated and the option struck out.

This process seems odd, but we want to make sure people don’t end up donating two plots when he can only write one of them.  So a little redundancy will be useful here.  If you have questions, leave a comment.

This will close on October 23rd at 5:00pm eastern time.  If plot, characters, setting and ending aren’t picked – Matt gets to pick.  And we don’t really want that to happen, do we?

Genre – $10 to eliminate one choice

Donate 10 dollars to eliminate one genre.  Matt will write the last genre standing.  If there is more than one left over, he will pick one he thinks goes well with the plot.

Winning Genre:

  • Adventure


  • Chick Lit
  • Erotic Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror and Supernatural
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mainstream Fiction
  • Religious, Spiritual and New Age
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Satire, Humor and Parody
  • Young Adult and Youth
  • Mystery, Thriller and Suspense was eliminated by the BattleJesus Drawing.

Characters – $25 for main, $10 for secondary.

Matt will email you a character sheet to fill out about your character.  We’ll limit the number of main characters to three.  He’ll take however many secondary characters are donated!


  • Main Character 3


  • Main Character 1
  • Main Character 2
  • Minor Character 1
  • Minor Character 2
  • Minor Character 3
  • Minor Character 4 (pending – quintopia)

Plot – $25 for 5ish sentence plot description. $10 for plot twist/subplot

Matt will ask for a five-sentence general plot description (he will need SOME room to maneuver for Genre, Ending, Setting purposes.)  He’ll take up to five subplots.


  • Subplot #1
  • Subplot #2
  • Subplot #3
  • Subplot #4
  • Subplot #5


  • Plot

Ending – $50

This is your chance to make Matt write a happy ending.  Or you could donate to make him happy aka writing a sad ending.

  • Ending

Setting – $25

Have a setting in mind?  Matt will email the donator a setting sheet to fill out.

  • Setting


  1. He he … I just happened to stumble onto this site with the new layout and things.

    So we get to tell Matt what to write! Hmm, let me think about it a little while…

  2. You will 🙂

    Keep pondering – we’re going to get this really rolling next week. We’ve got two early donation programs happening – we’ll email the region when both are up and ready to go! Till then, brainstorm away.

  3. I am loving this! And I can’t wait to read the final product I want to rule out a genre: Historical fiction.

  4. Woowoo Simone! Go ahead and make your donation and forward the email to donations@nanolanta dot org. (In the subject, could you change the title to MMM or something similar? :D) You get a bonus point in my book for being first!

  5. Wait until after NaNo site launch (10/10)…. mwahahaha

  6. I’m going for a big impact on Matt’s November.

    I want the following:
    Two Minor Characters
    Four Genre eliminations: Chick Lit, Erotic Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Religious, Spiritual and New Age

    If my math is correct, that $135 ready and waiting for confirmation from Matt. mwahahaha

  7. Joyce – WOW. And confirmed. And now scared 😀

  8. Alexandra McGowan

    Going for Minor Character Matt!

    That’s 10$ ready and waiting for confirmation from Matt.


  9. Go for it Alexandra!

  10. I would never make you miserable, Matt. Indeed, I’m going to give you the gift of an entire month of writing about me. I emailed you my receipt.

  11. And it’s confirmed CC. Ut oh.

  12. Can I have a main character and eliminate a genre (Horror & Supernatural)?

  13. You got it Pokemom!

    If you have trouble doing the donation thing, just hollar!

  14. I’d like to eliminate science fiction please. 🙂

  15. I’m taking Mainstream thank you very much

  16. 🙁 check!

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