NaNoLanta’s adoption program is back!

Are you new to NaNoWriMo this year and still figuring this NaNo thing out? First, take a deep breath. Everyone, including your MLs and even Chris Baty himself, has been in your position at some point. For the past two years NaNoLanta has run an adoption program that pairs new pandas with returning Wrimos in order to guide the newbies through their first NaNo, and we’re bringing it back for a third year. Newbies, your chance to get paired with a mentor starts now.

If you’re a newbie who would like a mentor, make your way to this form and fill it out. Most of the questions are used only to match you with a mentor we think will be a good fit, so fill out as much or as little as you’d like.

Running a newbie adoption program means that we also need mentors to adopt these newbies and see them through the month. Do you have at least a year of NaNo experience under your belt and willing to share that knowledge with a new Wrimo? If so, we want you to be a mentor to a newbie (or several) who seeks adoption.

As a mentor, you’ll be the newbie’s guide through their first NaNo experience. You’ll show them around the NaNo site, answer any questions they have, cheer them on throughout November, keep tabs on their word count, and guide them through validating. More details on being a mentor are in the NaNoLanta Mentor Description, which you should read before applying to be a mentor. It’s short, really.

After you’ve read the mentor description, make your way to the mentor application form and fill it out. As with the newbie form, most of the questions are optional, but the questions are used to match you with a newbie we think will be a good fit.

And that’s it! Newbie/veteran matchups will arrive via NaNoMail every few days (or when enough responses come in to make informed matches) from now through mid-November from Adopt a Newbie Captain sushimustwrite.

Any questions? Ask in the comments or in the adoption forum thread, or NaNoMail sushimustwrite on the NaNo site. We look forward to seeing lots of newbies and mentors this year!

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