Nov 1 Write-in Circuit

The morning started out hideously early, and by hideously early, I mean before noon. Whatever thoughts of sleep there were were quickly vanished by the thought of November 1. That meant writing, and there was a lot to write.

For those that don’t know, tias are not terribly familiar with all aspects of Atlanta. This means she has a tendency to get lost. So, tia decided to prepare for November by absconding with her family’s Magellan.

No, not THAT Magellan.

Thanks to the non-musical Magellan, tia made it down to Vinings with only one wrong turn that was easily corrected. Vinings is eerily quiet on Sunday mornings; I guess it has something to do with the fact that nothing’s actually opened yet. So tia waited…and waited patiently for the doors to open.

Poor sad and lonely tia.

Within a few minutes of opening (not even long enough for tia to browse the manga section and see if the next xxxHolic is out, gosh darn it), jazzyjinx arrived to get things started. Like tia in her 09 nano shirt, jazzyjinx came in style:

Nov 1 Vinings - 4

Barely did the lovely jazzy have time to arrange the tables into a shape that would not be demolished by a Tetris when people began filtering in, rapidly:

Nov 1 Vinings - 2

An amazing number of people came to write so early in the mornings, some more hardcore than others.

Nov 1 Vinings - 1

You see that notebook? That’s freaking hardcore.

Everyone quickly settled in to writing, and for the most part there was little sound besides the clicking of keys and the scratch of pencil.

Nov 1 Vinings - 3

Around two, it was time for me to pack up and head to Woodstock, and to my surprise I gained a following on the next part of the circuit:

Nov 1 Woodstock - 1

So brave. So patient.

So onward they drove, and did I mention that the weather was absolutely glorious? I even had a pleasure of seeing a red-tailed hawk zip across the road several feet in front of my car. I’m sure this is a good sign in some culture somewhere.

Despite the fact that Googlemap directions failed again, Magellan got us to Woodstock. The problem was that we couldn’t actually find the shop. Like I said, my companions were VERY patient. It turns out the thing we were looking for was nestled into a corner by the Publix, which makes it a bit difficult to see from the road:

Nov 1 Woodstock - 2

The Kennesawians, some of which had been there since opening, were all nestled into amazingly comfortable furniture, happily typing away.

Nov 1 Woodstock - 2

Lunch was also had here, and it was amazingly excellent. I also had the pleasure of meeting my sister in crime, the Kennesaw ML, redcurl:

Nov 1 Woodstock - 3

Isn’t she cute? 🙂

Two hours and one story later, it was time to move on again to Roswell. Again, thanks to Magellan and no thanks to Googlemaps, there was a minimum of getting lost, but thanks to a slow departure from Woodstock, tia ended up running a little late. The Roswellians didn’t seem to mind.

Nov 1 Roswell - 1

Once the power strip was put in place, ML blather was kept brief and quickly turned into writing.

Nov 1 Roswell - 2

Atlanta seems to have an amazing tolerance for short, non-ninja and mildly obnoxious people. So patient and loving. By the way, this writein was AMAZING. I don’t think any one of the five of us walked out with less than around 2k in the two hours I was there.

On to Norcross, and the Forum which had thwarted Google Maps twice just could not get the better of Magellan. Take that, geography! To everyone’s delight, our ML Matt was in attendance, as was jazzyjinx.

Nov 1 Norcross

Word wars were the theme of the day, including a war between Matt and tia with the loser placing a dollar in the ugly tip jar. Thankfully, I still had ones on me.

The final stop of the day was the Java Monkey in Decatur, and for someone who has never been there, correlating the address with the actual location was difficult, as was locating parking that was not parallel, because tias do not parallel park. (Okay, they can sometimes, but inbetween two cars owned by potentially irate people was not the place to test my ability.)

Nov 1 Decatur

The picture turned out crummy and the people in the foreground aren’t even part of our group, but here we are anyway. Highlights of the writein included chocolate mint cake and sushimustwrite trouncing the pants off EVERYONE with her amazing 20k in the first day.

By the time 10 PM rolled around, tia was exhausted and more than ready to go home. There would still be adventures after she left, such as figuring out how to get out of the parking lot, discovering that free parking isn’t free, and backing into a post in the process.

Curse you, Decatur.

By the time tia got home it was time to crash and prepare for work tomorrow (not necessarily in that order) so there would be no more writing to be had that night, but all in all it seemed like it was a productive first day for everyone.


  1. I keep telling people not to drive in Decatur. They won’t listen. Also, Java Monkey does have a thing for dimming their lights at night, leading to crappy photos like that one. For shame.

    But yay for the traveling write-in! It should happen more often.

  2. What other options are there? I don’t know of any Marta stations within walking distance, particularly at night.

  3. The Decatur Marta station is actually across the road and a short walk from the Java Monkey (and is how I got there in the first place).

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