lapixystix’s Tour of (Mostly Marietta) Atlanta and Write-a-Thon

Today’s the last day. By now, you know if you’re going to win or not. You’ve already won, you have an impossible (for most people) number of words left, or you’re in range. Even if you’re in that incredibly daunting range–for most of us it’s the low 40k’s–you know if you’re going to win because you’ve already decided to spend your entire day writing or you’re throwing in the towel. I’ve never known anyone to lose with over 45k; somehow, you’ll do it.

I don’t want you to give up if you’re in that 10k-to-go range, but I won’t judge you. Not to your face. And if you do want to face a truly incredible challenge today, I want to be there with you. I’m not coming to you, though, because that’s crazy, a bit stalkery, and impossible if there are two of you who exist independently of each. So I’m going to tell you exactly where I’ll be, all day, writing.

In honor of you. I’ve already won. Suck it.

STOP 1: Loving Hut (Sandy Springs)


Loving Hut
220 Hammond Drive NE
Sandy Springs, GA


This is NOT the Norcross Loving Hut. This is by the Sandy Springs Whole Foods and Kroger off of 9. There are two floors so if you don’t see me (look for the hot pink laptop), check the other floor.

STOP 2: Dunkin Donuts (Marietta ATP)


Dunkin Donuts
2022 Powers Ferry Rd
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA


If you went to the All-Nighter, this is the Dunkin Donuts across the street. Small but plenty of seating plus a nice patio if we happen to get good weather.

STOP #3: Cool Beans Coffee Roasters (Marietta Square)


Cool Beans Coffee Roasters
31 Mill Street
Marietta, GA


Come prepared; we may end up sitting outside, which WILL be cold. We’ll do our best to get a spot inside, but it’s limited. The good news is: HOT COFFEE!

STOP #4: IHOP (Marietta)


179 Cobb Pkwy S
Marietta, GA



Come count down the final hours of NaNoWriMo 2015 at IHOP! This is the location just south of the Big Chicken on Cobb Parkway.

JFCJames’ Nanoblogmo novel goes wild

Ahem. So, I was about to give up on nanowrimo because my lack of time and what not. But thanks to my good friend Ali (<3) I feel like I should try to finish. I AM FUELED by the power of a winner. The idea is, it doesn’t matter what I write, I should just win instead. Sometimes, during a year like this, I bet many of you have had years like this as well. Be it all the plot bunnies ran away, life got in the way, or some other reason. There is not any way for you, in your mind, to finish your nanowrimo. You’re so far behind and life isn’t giving you time to write novels, instead it throws lemons at you as if they are going out of fashion. Or it is lemon season. It is okay in times like this to abandon your plot and focus on winning first, if it is to win. HOWEVER, I do think plots are as important and if the story really matters to you. Even losing is winning because publishing is a good feeling too. I personally am not publishing this novel, it was an idea that I wanted to try out. To try to write a depressing novel very alike that of Mattkinsi, one of the municipal liaisons of nanolanta past. Unfortunately, it seems that I was unable to accomplish this idea in the end, however that doesn’t mean that I should ultimately give up on nanowrimo as a whole regardless the amount of time I have to write a novel. I think that “lead by example” was my ultimate goal this year. But I have instead given a lethargic approach that is a bad example of how to nano. I want everyone out there to do whatever they need to do in terms of their novel. Yes, many feel winning is everything, but also many agree that their novel is mor]e important. Neither are wrong. Both are ultimately important. Nanowrimo is an adventure that brings people together, it is not really about winning, it is about a sense of community and friendship for it is the least competitive thing. Even the rebels are welcome though many regions like you to believe rebelling is “illegal” or “wrongful”. They are very much welcome. There is no need to feel like what you are doing is right or wrong. Nanowrimo should be a celebration of our love for writing and an accumulation of our aspiration of wanting to be published one day. Twisting it to any other way, I feel is just against the very essence of nanowrimo itself. That being said, back to the novel. By “back to the novel” I mean “I am going to do whatever I feel like and ramble”

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JFCJames’ Nanonovel 2015 Chapter 11

Erm… my plot bunnies all ran away and I am without a plot now. But even then, this has to continue until we reach 50,000 words. So far we are at the 20% mark yay~ I personally am very excited about IKEA and the rest of the events. And even with my ridiculous amount of behindness. I feel like that I can make it to 50,000 words. I am not quite sure how I am going to update these chapters that follow. Since making several chapters while behind breaks the flow whenever I post one. So I guess I’ll do the logical thing which is to e plot best just to restart and try again with all the plots. Or at least attempt to rescue the plot. I don’t know how successful I am going to be, but I am going to try. Being behind is never quite good and I usually am not this behind. But hey, EWW is around the corner and so is thanksgiving. Then again, without a plot to go at this point, I might have to start anew.

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JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 10

Finally, 10,000 words. I broke that mark! I feel like I have achieved something. Despite being 2525 ish behind, I am feeling good about my chances of catching up now. Instead of being insanely behind like how I started yesterday. Now that I am slightly caught up, I lied, instead of sleeping, I am going to try to at least hit 11667, which was yesterday’s goal, or at least that. So that when I get the chance to write again, I will be even less behind. In fact, that wold probably make me somewhat caught up so I can go back to my state of being a schrodinger wrimo, simultaneously behind and ahead. Actually, nevermind, more life happened, now I am as behind as I was again. I guess it goes to show that life really happens during nano. But fear not, I will try to catch up best I can. While you guys should write more too.

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What Do You Mean, IKEA?

One of our most beloved NaNoLanta traditions is back, and baffling some of our newbie WriMos. Here’s the low down on what’s going to happen:

When and Where

Crazy Lamp

November 14th, 2015 5PM-8PM

IKEA in Atlantic Station
441 16th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30363

If you’ve never been there before, it’s impossible to miss. It’s gigantic and looks pretty much like a 3D rendering of their logo. There’s both an above ground parking lot and a parking garage. MAKE A NOTE OF WHICH SECTION YOU PARKED IN; IT’S HARDER TO FIND YOUR CAR HERE THAN AT 6 FLAGS.

Part 1: The Writing

‘Sup, Lingonberries?

We’ll meet at 5 in the Cafe. If you follow the natural flow of traffic, you end up there pretty much immediately. They have a wide selection of pretty crazy foods and, if I remember correctly, exactly one power outlet. We’ll cozy up to the electricity and make a mess of power strips, and all will be right in the world.

During our time in the Cafe, we’ll host a standard Write-In. Meet & Greet, announcements, Word Wars, the works. If we’re super (un)lucky, JFCJames’ laptop will have a most spectacular death again this year.

I swear I’m not hoping for it, but by God, it was spectacular last year.

We’ll spend approximately 1.5 hours in the cafe, so you’ll have plenty of time to eat Swedish cuisine, socialize, and get a decent word count. At least 2 of the 3, at any rate. This is also a great time to pick up a Pep Pack from lapixystix and an opportunity to pay early admission for EWW: WonderLanta to qualify for the exclusive Swag Bag.

Part 2: The Tour and Mild Shenanigans.


Some time around 6:30, we’ll begin our tour. Again, if you’ve never been inside an IKEA, brace yourself for amazement. IKEA really is as magical as everyone lets on. They have whole apartments that are, like, 200 sq ft and totally livable, a bajillion chairs and beds and stuff to test, and fabric patterns that are straight out of a time machine, but in a good way. Plus, pretty much every home good you could ever need. Been thinking of investing in spatulas? Need a lamp with seven articulating arms so everyone in your large family gets his or her own reading light? How about a closet? Any size you can imagine a closet to be, it’s there.

They also have an assortment of stuffed animals you can only explain with one word: Sweden.

You are in no way obligated to buy anything, of course. You are obligated to take pictures of all the ridiculous things you see, particularly the borderline offensive product names. Everything you’ve heard about them is completely true.

If you come late, and don’t catch us while we’re still in the cafe, just follow the path. We’re hard to miss and there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to veer off path.

Part 3: The Afterparty

969 Marietta St,
Atlanta, GA 30318


Quintopia and Sushimustwrite will be hosting a Bartaco write-in. It’s like ten minutes from IKEA. It’ll be loud and crowded, but we’ll manage. Any words that don’t get written at IKEA can still get written there!

JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 9

Yay~ I was able to finally double the word count that I started yesterday. I was almost there last night, but I wasn’t able to update it as I was in the middle of a chapter. But I am able to get to almost 10,000 words. I am almost 3333 words from where I should be, which means I am on schedule to get my wordcount that I am behind by from the previous 6000+ to under 3000. When that happens, I think I should sleep, I can make up about two days of words some other day. I already halved what I owed. Problem is, plot has become rather metaphysical. So apologies, my stories always do this. Or maybe it wouldn’t I am not 100% sure yet. I didn’t plan it out this far, I actually thought the original plan for the novel would go a bit farther than it has. But now that it has come to this point, I have no choice but to try to at least give it a new direction as it is definitely not going anywhere at this point. When I get to 10,000 I would celebrate by sleeping. I haven’t slept in too long. Also, if I am repeating myself it’s because I am actually very very tired at this point. But word on wrimos, you can do it! Yes! Continue reading

JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 8

Alas, I wasn’t able to hit the goal of the day, but I was able to write a lot of words. And that is good! So write all the words and maybe you’ll be surprised by how much words you’ve written. Thanks for all the people who were worried about me and my excessive energy drinks. I am slightly okayer now. I am at least not shaking and I have delicious tea and all is right with my world at this moment. Word on wrimos~ You can make it to 50,000 I believe in you even if you have lost a bit of faith in yourself.

Chapter 8

When Jasura and Lamuras came upon the core of the world, they didn’t even realize it. For it was cold, dark and without a sign of life like the rest of the world. They could not see anything, but they know they have reached the core for they have stopped sliding, even in this darkness without a sense of up and down. They know that they are no longer moving, all they are doing is standing atop of something cold which could be the core. It’s either that or they have finally reached the end of the depths. Here, at the center of the world, Lamuras clung onto Jasura. Jasura, surprised, looked back at Lamuras “Are you afraid?” she asked
“Not really captain, but I don’t want to lose you. Even though I cannot see anything. I want to know that you’re there and we are in this together.” Lamuras answered”I see” Jasura replied “you can hang onto me. I am here and I won’t let you go, I promise. Just follow my lead like you always have.”
“Yes captain” Lamuras replied and followed Jasura

There was not a light in sight, yet Captain Jasura continued forward. She knew that the moment she stopped and thought about their direction and position she would immediately be unable to tell anything for there is nothing to help with that. In this darkness, the only thing they had was determination and silence. Utter complete silence.
Captain Jasura pulled Lamuras closer to her as they went deeper into the darkness. There it was, in the distance, a very very faint flicker of light. At first Captain Jasura thought she had seen something from her eyes cheating on her as she has been in this darkness too long. But it was there, in the distance, calling out to them. Thus they went towards the flicker of light, hoping to find some sign of life there. When they reached it, they saw that it was indeed a very faint sign of life. There was a very very faint beating sound, as if it was the heart of the power, begging to be revived. Captain Jasura got up and close to the source of the light, it was very warm to the touch. Yet it did not burn her, from it looking like some sort of energy beyond her understanding. She could feel it pulling her in, trying to use her energy. Looking at Lamuras, she spoke “I do not know what this holds for us, we might have to allow ourselves be absorbed by this to recreate the universe.”
“Let’s do it.” Lamuras answered. “For the sake of humanity. What is this little sacrifice?”
Captain Jasura nodded and together they touched the light source, they both felt it slowly dissolving their bodies. Pulling them deeper into the infiniteness of the singularity. Then for both of them, the world went dark.

The city of K’nura have all but faded into the sands of time. Suddenly, the room of corpses felt something come into them. Every one of them felt a surge of energy into their bodies and everything they have been unable to feel for the past eternity came rushing into them. They felt every bit of decay their physical bodies have been going through. It was unspeakable pain and suffering. The smell was so unbearable, they couldn’t even scream from the pain as their bodies are just piles of decayed and dried up bones. Noting could have prepared them for the immense amount of pain, they wished for death and release. They prayed to go back to whatever they had before all of this, but no, that did not come either. So were they finally dying? They did not know, all they knew was pain, suffering and unspeakable horror. Despite the decay, they still cannot die, even with this energy and wave of pain, they cannot get what they wanted most. The soundless horror spread throughout the room, they could not even curl up in pain as their bodies have already nothing but skeletons. Every attempt at motion or sound would end up in just more pain and suffering.

Lamuras and Jasura saw in front of them things they could not understand. An orb of dark brown and many many other sparkles of light stretched in front of them. Where were they? They did not know. They saw the world around them turning darker and darker as a cloud of dark covered the orb of dark brown. They saw the dark cloud seep into the world, silent screams raised from the world. They couldn’t hear the screams of pain, but they could definitely feel the suffering and pain.  They couldn’t help the pain, all they could was cry for the world and its inhabitants. Then they realized, they were indeed looking at their own world. How did they get here? Were they a part of the power of the universe that created the world now? What has happened? They wanted to right all the wrongs and reset everything, but as they tried, they realized that they cannot. They could only watch as the world suffer.

They are only watchers and they saw the power that created the universe next to them. It was trying to reset the world as well, but every time it tried, only more pain and suffering went into the world. Leaving the world’s inhabitants to scream silently as they are unable to scream as their bodies have already decayed into nonexistence. They are no better than the living dead, but now suffering all the pain the world went through without being able to do anything about it. It hurt so bad and yet it was such a small percentage of what they should be getting. It was futile, any attempts to right this would not end well. The power that ruled the universe now did have energy to reset the world, but it cannot do so until the inhabitants of the world go through all the pain the world have gone through without any help to ease the pain. Nothing at all.

JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 7

2500 words in! I am only 4000 ish away from today’s goal. If I write all those words I will be caught up and then, the elusive sleep! I just had about all the caffeine in the world to help me achieve this, so if my story end up sounding all out of whack it’s because I have drank too much energy drinks and I am no longer in my clear state of mind. Blame life, then again when does life not happen during nanowrimo. As a ML, it is my job to take the responsibilities of not writing enough and then catching up as an example! Or something. XD just kidding. Do not follow my example, you will be destroying your own body. I am surprised my body have not fully failed yet. Seriously though, I hope this is all okay for you readers out there who are actually reading these. Thank you for your support, we the MLs appreciate it endlessly.

Chapter 7

Captain Jasura is unsure at this point how much of the world she has covered, but at the same time for as much of the world she feels like she has seen. She feels like there’s so much to check that there wouldn’t be a way to be sure about how much she has or has not checked. Maybe it is better for her to go straight into the depths of the world instead of on top of the sand and dust that covers the world. Spotting a possible volcano in the distance, she went towards it. Knowing that this was possibly a bad idea, she knows well that there’s no other choice left for her. This was possibly the most efficient method at this juncture. Any more wasted time would be bad for the world, even with the infinite time she seems to have. There is not enough time for her to find the cure for the world. As she neared the cracked earth symbolizing that comes from the deterioration of salt and sulfur, Captain Jasura noticed a shape in the distance that seemed like a human. She rushed towards it, hoping to be someone alive. When she reached the shape, it turns out to be Lamuras looking for her.
“You are alive!” Captain Jasura exclaimed in surprise.
“Indeed, but I have bad news. The city of K’nura, all the people there, well all the rest of humanity. They are no more than living corpses. They are not dead, but they might as well be dead. They have barely any movement, you have to wait quite a while to get the most insignificant of twitch reactions from them. That is the state of the world, the rest of the squad have chosen to stay there with them so that we could get more energy to look for this hope. Where are you going captain? I will follow you and help you. But I must know of the entire truth, even though I have inferred a few things about the world. Please, tell me everything.” Lamuras began “If I know everything, then I will be able to help you to hopefully locate whatever we have to look for. I know as well that maybe we’ll find nothing. Even if we do end up finding nothing, we can at least know we tried. Maybe we can even help the rest of the humanity die in some way. Either way, we have to do something.”
“That is exactly how I feel” Captain Jasura replied, before telling Lamuras everything she knew about the powers of the universe and the world they now lived in. This world of limbo and how there was no escape nor hope. “I was hoping to find something deep within the core of the planet, that is why I am going to go down this volcano in hopes of reaching deeper than I can. For I am almost certain at this point that if we just roamed above these sands we’ll probably find something, but it is also equally likely we’ll find nothing and just retrace our steps infinitely for these sandstorms covers whatever steps we make the instant we make them. We can be so easily lost. Within the depths of the world, hopefully there is less of that and who knows maybe our answers are there.”
“I agree” Lamuras replied and they scaled the volcano together. As they scaled the volcano, they realized ground was not just only dry it was also loose. Like the world have really dried to the point that all the earth was now easily crumbled into nothingness. As they got closer to the summit, the suddenly increase in the sharpness of the climb made them realize just how dry the earth have become. At higher elevations, the ground was like a liquid. Despite it being a solid, they also realized just how much energy the power have been taking away from the planet in order to power itself enough to try for a reset of the worlds. When they looked over the mouth, all they saw was complete darkness.
“How are we going to get down there?” Lamuras asked
Staring into the darkness, Jasura shook her head “Not sure, but we’ll have to. There is no way we can anchor anything to these loose lands. If we tried, we would surely fall into the darkness. So our best best is perhaps to just slide down and hope for the best.”
“Well I will go first.” Lamuras offered.
“No” replied Jasura “We will go together.”
Holding onto one another, they lowered their bodies onto the earth and slid down the side of the volcano that they deemed least dangerous. Soon, the only light source from the opening of the mouth faded away and all they could see around them was darkness. It was so deep that Captain Jasura was sure that if they were really alive, they would be suffocating from the lack of air. Yet they were not dying. The slide was truly deep, for there was no end in sight. Only farther and farther into the darkness below. Not a single light source, nor any slowing down which would mean that the slope have lessened and thus they were closer to the foot of volcano or the core of the world. The liquidness of the earth did not lessen either, indeed, the world have been sucked dry of its vitality. Perhaps in the depths of the world, all the different paths have already collapsed, they thought. If that is the case and all the paths have collapsed then they should be speeding towards the core. Which is exactly what they had in mind. This was going better than any of their attempts at possibly finding signs of life and energy on the surface. Yet there was only still darkness. What if the world indeed have been fully forsaken and whatever they are doing is futile.

Back in the city of K’nura, like the squad have previously thought, they too were turning into corpses much like the rest of the corpses around them. They did not mind, for even if neither Captain Jasura nor Lamuras comes back. They know, they have tried and that is well and all good for them. They have no regrets. They shut off their minds and laid there and stopped thinking, slowly decaying away under the sandstorms that finally took away the steeple of the temple. Sand was now rushing into the temple, even the last wall without holes in it was now filled with holes. Soon this whole city would look like the rest of the world. They would not need to change anything more, this was enough. This was as it should be.

JFCJames’ Nano Novel Chapter 6

Still on catch up mode. I will write all the words today and hopefully be all caught up. I hope all you wrimos who are slightly behind and see this and see a beacon of hope. For I shall be that beacon of hope for you. You are not alone in the catch up game. It’s never too late. There’s no giving up. You can always catch up. You can always write more words. You’ll always find more plot. Word on and forwards to 50,000 words :D. Word forth!

Chapter 6

When the rest of Jasura’s squad finally returned to the city of K’nura, they could barely recognize it. The only they were able to tell it apart from the rest of the world was the steeple of the temple. Without it, it did indeed look like the rest of the world, covered in sand, forgotten by time. Walking through the city streets, they saw the desolation take its toll. None of the building had a single wall that wasn’t mostly corroded. Soon, these buildings will fall and with that, the only way to tell it apart from the rest. Even the temple only had one wall that wasn’t full of holes. When Lamura walked into the temple, she saw the pile of corpses all laid out around the floor. None of them seemed to be alive anymore. She knelt down next to one of the leaders and asked “can you hear me? It’s me, Lamura, we of Jasura’s squad have returned.”
There was no response. The eyes did not twitch. Nothing moved. It was as if the leader was already past death. But, the leader’s conscious was indeed still there. They could feel the world around them but they could not answer, nor hear, they couldn’t think nor feel. But like a lucid dream they know that they are not dead. Lamura continued to kneel there to wait for a response, for she knew, as long as the squad is alive. There’s no way any of the corpses here are actually dead. The words of captain Jasura’s visions filled her mind, the power of the universe is slowly dissipating and perhaps even gone completely.
She waited there, until a single twitch of the eye from the leader was had. She stood up and looked back at the rest of the corpses. Indeed, captain Jasura was right, the world could no longer power itself. Not even death was possible anymore. What was her to tell these people, would they even be able to hear her? These questions went through her head as Lamuras stood there at the alter, looking down at the pile of corpses devoid of any life and human form. If captain Jasura could really find the last remaining energy of this world and activate it, perhaps there is hope yet.  She breathed in deeply and said “We have returned. I am not sure if any one of could hear. But we know what is happening to this world now and we know what we have to look for in order to save this world. Captain Jasura already went to look for this hope. We are here to report of this and we’ll follow her steps soon. We will probably not be back again. But if we do return, hopefully you’ll be no longer corpses when that happens. Even if we don’t, you’ll be turned back to your original form and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that happens.”
Captain Jasura looked out from above a sand dune, she was trying to spot any sign of life in any direction. Like she had done with her squad so many times. In every direction there was just sand. She had been traveling, in her mind for days, perhaps weeks. The sandstorms have gotten worse and worse the farther she have traveled. It seemed that the rest of the world is decaying worse than the ones that had human life. Perhaps the energy sapping was really in full effect and there was no hope. Yet there was one thing that she could believe in, her own aliveness. She wondered what fate awaited her squad and whether any of the humans in K’nura was even alive enough to punish her squad. She thought about what she would be able to consider life. Could there be life underneath all this sand? What if the life that she was looking for was no longer above ground, as it is hidden within the depths. That would require her to be traveling into the depths of the world. Then an idea came to her, if she was to go down an old volcano that is now also filled with sand. Then surely, surely, she can reach the depths of the world. But would that be where the remnants of the power of the universe keep its power? It made sense to her, at that point, but she decided that until she has walked through the whole world she would not try that. For she did not know what awaited underneath the sand.
So she continued, but this time, taking notes of possible ways to enter into the depths of the world. As she walked, she did not see many places that would lead to the depths of the world. She also noticed that many of the tall mountains have become something completely different. Instead of mountains, they have been reduced to an amorphous pile of deaths. None of the magma and lava remained in the volcanoes either, she knows from her previous adventures that volcanoes even after many years of inactivity would be surrounded by some sort of obsidian. Here, there was just endless salt flats and cracked earth. Yes, the world was so in need of energy that it sapped all the obsidian away from the world and returned these grounds to their original form. Even the salt of the land formed by the dryness of the weather have been disappearing in some places, leaving behind forms of sand that requires no energy. The world was just covered in a layer of sand and dust, along with cracked sand. There could literally be no other form that require any less energy at this point.

Having finished her speech, Lamuras looked at the pile of corpses and her squad. “We will go now to much uncertainty and perhaps deaths for we do not know where Captain Jasura would be now. However, we shall follow her lead and go find the remaining power of the universe. But not every one of you need to go. Spending more energy to look for this could possibly ruin this world further. We need to conserve as much as possible.”
The squad members looked at Lamuras and replied “We’ll stay here and sacrifice our energies to you and captain Jasura. We believe in you two. Please, go find her and save humanity in unison. For you two both seem to know the true destiny of this world and perhaps the only way to save it.”
With that, Lamuras left the city of K’nuras on her way to catch up with Captain Jasura traveling day and night in the direction she felt that Captain Jasura went behind she split up from the squad. The only thing she knew that if she is able to catch up with Captain Jasura, she needed to hear the whole vision. She wanted to know too and she would have stayed too, half her actually wanted to stay. But half of her, the half that dragged her out here believes that she wanted to know and help. She feels like if she went and helped, maybe it’ll be able to require less energy since there will be two people instead of one and she’ll be able to give Captain Jasura any help that is required.