Panda Brigade Fliering Contest

It’s time for our annual Panda Brigade!

What’s that?

For the second year running, we’re asking you to put up signs all over Atlanta about NaNoWriMo. Specifically, Flier 1 and Flier 2 located here:

Put ‘em up in your favorite places, from coffee shops to churches and everything in between.

This year, we have a special contest for fliering! We’re going to have a monthly raffle again. Every flier that you put up, take a picture and email us said picture, and you’ll get a raffle ticket!

Email your photos to info@nanolanta dot org, and in your email, include your nano screenname and where you hung up the flier. There’s no limit to how many raffle tickets you can earn by putting up fliers (just take a picture of each one and let us know where it’s at!)

Now, these monthly raffle tickets will also be on sale at anything MLs are at for a dollar.  But this is a way to get free tickets!

We should remember to be nice and ask permission before posting said fliers 😀 WOOWOO!  The deadline for this is Oct. 30th.

I’m committing to hang up 5 by Sunday! How many will you hang up?

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  1. I’ll be in some central places over the next few days. I know what I’m taking with me. (Which reminds me. I should print some out now before heading out.)

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