Pep Packs Now Available!

Just in time (okay, we cut it super-close on this one) your MLs are proud to announce a brand new motivators: the Pep Pack!


Each Pep Pack comes with 4 cards:

  • Coloring Postcard
  • Bingo Card
  • Score Card
  • EWW: WonderLanta Tea Party Invitation

Consider this to be three parts motivation, two parts competition, and two parts pretty (depending on your artistic ability). With the postcard you can schedule a pep talk written for you, by you, to arrive in your mailbox when you think you’ll need it most. Both the bingo card and the score card are redeemable for a small prize and will go into a drawing for much more awesome prizes.

I’ll be announcing prizes a little later, but spoiler alert: If you like cheesecake–and get out of my region if you don’t because omg amazing–there will be a prize for you.

Disregard the previous statement if you’re lactose intolerant. You deserve a support group.

Pep Packs are available for purchase in-person at all ML hosted events or online (contact lapixystix via NaNoMail) for $2. The cost is to cover materials, postcard stamps, and shipping/processing fees for online orders. Any leftover money will be donated to NaNoWriMo.

Coloring Postcard

peppack5The Coloring Postcards are stamped and ready for you to decorate and fill in with an encouraging message to your future self.

If purchasing in-person, just let your ML know when you want it sent–be it on a certain date or when you hit a specific word goal–and we’ll get it in the mail for you. If purchasing online, include the message you’d like and lapixystix will write it out in her super-fantastic cake decorator handwriting. We’ll even color it for you if you’d like, but you should do it yourself–according to the internet, adult coloring is all the rage these days.

Bingo Card

peppack3Who doesn’t love Bingo, even when minor technical difficulties make the cards kind of ugly?

Seriously, Excel, why you gotta break my heart?

I will be accepting horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines for completion. I will NOT accept 4 corners. I want 5 boxes filled in. YES, you have to hit 50k to fill in the center. There are no free squares.

Some squares are honor system (obviously). The prizes for completion aren’t all that exciting and the grand prizes are great but not amazing or of exceptional monetary value. If you cheat, you really are only cheating yourself. Don’t be that guy. This is supposed to motivate you to write more.

Instructions for filling in squares:

  • Write 10k/25k: Mark these when you’ve posted that count on NaNoWriMo
  • Attend a Write-In: Any Write-In is fine. Have host initial.
  • Attend a Major Event: This includes Kick-Off, All-Nighter, IKEA, EWW, and TGIO. lapixystix and JFCJames will initial these.
  • 2k/3k in One Day: Date square and make sure you post your count on NaNoWriMo!
  • Participate in a Word War: Any IRL/Virtual Write-In, NaNoLanta chatroom Battle Jesus war, or Twitter word-sprint is acceptable. Honor system.
  • Write 1k in a Word War: Honor system. Some wars are really long, so don’t despair if you’re a slow typist.
  • NaNoLanta Selfie: hashtag yourself writing to the NaNoLanta twitter or instagram. Include your NaNo screenname.
  • Make Up a Word: This year’s theme is WonderLanta Tea Party. Do Lewis Carroll proud. Honor system.
  • Donate for a Halo: Make a $10+ donation to NaNoWriMo to get your halo!
  • Post on the Atlanta Forum: Valid anytime in November, new thread or reply.
  • Anthropomorphize Something: Turn a not-human into a human. It can be a dream, a hallucination, or an entire novel about the war between dogs and vacuums. Honor system.
  • RetCon: Did you just realize Sue and Jim are married and not siblings, as stated four chapters ago? Roll with it. Fix it later. Honor system.
  • Add a 100+ Word Quote: I’m not encouraging you to cheat, I swear. But sometimes your characters go to karaoke, and you don’t want that lame, “I didn’t want to pay for rights so I made it up” karaoke. And sometimes you need a religious zealot to quote a chunk of bible. Honor system.
  • Use a Writing Prompt: We’ll be starting these up on Twitter and elsewhere once November gets going. Honor system.
  • Use a Generator: These are great for character names, but there are all kinds of other generators out there. Honor system.

I’m pretty sure the rest are all self-explanatory and honor system based. I’ll probably put up a thread for you to post your usage of these–because who doesn’t like to brag about the five words of Swahili they know–but don’t feel obligated.

Score Card

peppack4Similar to the Bingo cards, complete the card to win! Note that you do NOT need to complete every single task on the back of the card; when you complete something, mark off a tea cup on the front in the method of your choosing. Color it, X it, stamps. Whatever.

There are 26 tasks and only 16 tea cups. You can do this. Plus, most of the categories overlap the Bingo cards. Easy-peasy.

For both Bingo and Score Cards, I’ll set up a submission system later in the month. Grand prizes will be drawn at TGIO. If you can’t attend, don’t worry; we’ll get your prize to you somehow!

EWW Invitation

peppack2They’re pretty and printed well. That’s all.

I might have OCD, and the other cards may not have fit in with my plan for how the Pep Packs should look.

Just accept this and move on.

But seriously, I should make wedding invitations for a living.

That way I can have access to a printer that doesn’t have stupid margins that make everything crooked.






You can pay with this button now! In the first box, include the note you’d like me to write on the post card. In the second box, include the screen name you use on NaNoWriMo and when you’d like me to send your post card. We can go by date or word count, i.e., ship when you hit 25,000. If you’d like me to color the post card for you, mention that here.

If your address is different from what’s listed on the PayPal account, please let me know. Expect 48 hours for shipping and no confirmation or tracking or anything. I’m not a business. If you don’t receive it in a week, though, ABSOLUTELY shoot me a reminder. It’s November. I’m crazy.

Post Card Message
NaNo Name+Shipping Date/Word #

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