With the advent of our regional chatroom, we were gifted an IRC bot, BattleJesus.  BJ runs word wars (which we find essential during November) but also has a handy dandy quote tool which will never let us forget certain gems.  Here’s a current list of quotes that other chat users thought were worthy enough to be quoted and to be remembered forever by our esteemed bot.

We want to note that the chatroom is NOT all ages.  So there’s some profanity, etc. in these quotes.

  1. MattKinsi is spam / MattKinsi is sad. / MattKinsi is pink and jiggly (added by tiakall)
  2. MattKinsi: I can do high schoolers no problem (added by tiakall)
  3. cosmam|over9000: someone add that to the quotes (added by tia|-11k)
  4. Hollow: I’ll have to call in sick to the circus, but sure. (added by MattKinsi)
  5. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (whaa) IS OVER. (added by curiosity)
  6. doolie: I want to be like Matt when I grow up (added by DM|15037)
  7. curiosity: I am not leaving the house. I will murderate someone. (added by Mattkinsi)
  8. tiakall: Quick, someone say something quotable. (added by curiosity)
  9. doolie: Matt!  Come to the Monkey!  <doolie> yet another sentence from doolie that doesn’t sound quite right (added by curiosity)
  10. Hype: Matt becomes an average boy who is the heartthrob of all the sparkly vampires (added by MattKinsi)
  11. grumples: i just want more people to make fan trailers for movies that don’t exist (added by MattKinsi)
  12. Joyce_S: Anyway, back to the raccoon invasion. Gotta get words down. (added by MattKinsi)
  13. Hype is also writing an emo chapter, so it is productive sadness (added by MattKinsi)
  14. Annalia: You need to develop the sadist in you, and stop being bothered by this. 😛 (added by MattKinsi)
  15. Lillie_Bell: OMG!! the world is populated by lesbains who only want to talk about their sexual endeavors!! (added by MattKinsi)
  16. quintopia: but it would be easier if she got off (added by MattKinsi)
  17. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (ipun) WILL BEGIN IN 4 MINUTES, LASTING 15 MINUTES. (added by MattKinsi)
  18. tiakall: My ass is STILL SORE ;______; (added by MattKinsi)
  19. tiakall: Proof you can write anywhere: I did 300 words in ten minutes facedown on a table while getting electroshock therapy. (added by MattKinsi)
  20. lifebaka: Me and math have been gettin’ it on for years.  If my fiance knew, I wouldn’t live very much longer. (added by Donate)
  21. tiakall: Hey!  Eyeballs!  What do you taste like? (added by MattKinsi)
  22. Loki892: what a delicious way to die (added by MattKinsi)
  23. sushimustwrite: Genderswapping is just a /nick away (added by tiakall)
  24. MattKinsi: please tell me you weren’t calling me moist and delicious <Raquelin> I think you got voted moist and delicious. (added by quintopia)
  26. tiakall: I’m sure Christ Baty will be pleased to know his prophet is moist and delicious. (added by sushimustwrite)
  27. lifebaka|asleep: I’m pretty sure that’s worse than swallowing a rock.  If I recall, I did eat a rock one time when I was a kid. (added by RagingAngryGodPanda)
  28. tessalee: sushi, you’re writing during an orgy? (added by sushimustwrite)
  29. lifebaka: Half of chat is quoteable, but no one !cqadd’s it. (added by MattKinsi)
  30. chomskyxn hopes she hasn’t exploded again // Annalia has exploded again (added by CommanderInChiefTia)
  31. MattKinsi: Ok.  I’ll put Chris Baty on the allowed to lick me list. (added by sushimustwrite)
  32. Annalia: Atlanta is THE US region to be in.  😀 (added by MattKinsi)
  33. lifebaka: Ahem: Licking MattKinsi is like crack, only better. (added by lifebaka)
  34. Annalia: I can’t find the damn vomit.. (added by MattKinsi)
  35. tiakall: We should all aspire to be typo-ridden monstrosities like MattKinsi. (added by MattKinsi)
  36. quintopia: i can get into animals …mating… especially if they look a lot like humans >_> (added by MattKinsi)
  37. quintopia: I can write porn right now (added by BitchPanda)
  38. RuncibleSpoon: 985 is one of those roads you need a Sherman tank to just run over all the morons (added by tiakall)
  39. tiakall: My cat is playing with the porn books. (added by MattKinsi)
  40. Raquelin: I fully expect you to find “Even Kittens Get Cancer.” Or for MattKinsi to write it. (added by tiakall)
  41. needsrockshowpanda: and the healing power of cock (added by TiaIsSober)
  42. Chom: I first read ‘sushi is a huge nano fork (added by tiakall)
  43. GoTech|SuddenlyRabidFan: So…you licked the inner lining of my stomach? // sushi: yes // GoTech|SuddenlyRabidFan: Is THAT why I have an upset tummy? (added by tiakall)
  44. Chomsky: I need to check on my beets. brb. (added by MattKinsi)
  45. Chom: Trouble? Wrimos who need a kick in the butts? I killed beets tonight. I can kill people too (added by Annalia)
  46. tiakall: although I’m sort of tempted to toss him my manwhore (added by MattKinsi)
  47. cosmam: it will not even be widely publicized and unofficial.  I don’t like excluding (added by MattKinsi|hat)
  48. GiantPlatypus: “I am quite sure we have all lost our minds,” said the giant platypus (added by MattKinsi|BackToMLing)
  49. * MattKinsi squishes one between his toes / <@MattKinsi> OH FOR CHRISTS SAKE / * MattKinsi explodes all over (added by sushi)
  50. Annalia: I don’t know yet if the Wrimos will actually BE a toast or not (added by MattKinsi)
  51. Ridayah: Is it vasoline and an inner tube? (added by MattKinsi)
  52. Dimi: I wish i had a quote in there. (added by Dimi)
  53. Chom: wait until I moose you, Matt. you will like it. (added by MattKinsi)
  54. Hype: it’s a traveshamockery (added by Tiakall)
  55. Ridayah: I’m great at blowing, or so I’ve been told. (added by Hype)
  56. Ridayah: I’m great at blowing, or so I’ve been told. (added by Chom)
  57. Annalia: Oh jesus, I’m screwed (added by MattKinsi|PepTalkTime)
  58. Ridayah: we’re sadomasochists.  The sadism comes from abusing our characters.  The masochism comes from how hard we abuse ourselves writing the abuse to our characters. (added by WorkinMattKinsi)
  59. Hype: *battle cry* / Time to DO ALL THE THINGS / *rawr* (added by MattKinsi)
  60. MaatRising is both deeply happy and deeply disappointed with her wordcount That means Nano has officially Started! (added by WarPandaMatt)
  61. Mattkinsi: see a box that looks like it wants something in side it? (added by MaatRising)
  62. Lokiissleepy: matt, your constant twittering is tickling my butt (added by WarPandaMatt)
  63. (added by Lokiissleepy)
  64. WarPandaMatt: What can I say Loki. Your vibrating butt amuses me. (added by Lokiwillrevenge)
  65. MattKinsi: isn’t all erotica and adventure of some kind (added by Loki)
  66. MattKinsi: I have a peach colored dress. (added by MaatRising|WritingLikeMad)
  67. tiakall: if he’s young enough to do that sort of thing, he’s small enough to fit in the trash can. I’m just saying. (added by MattKinsi)
  68. lapixystix: idk, you can do some pretty epic things with a chain saw. (added by tiakall)
  69. Raquelin: Matt is made of the tears of kittens and children. I thought we knew that. (added by Lokiisconfused)
  70. MattKinsi: CRY KITTEN CRY! I NEED MORE ME (added by MaatRising|AFK)
  71. Proffitt: For the record, I am eating a sandwhich that fell on the floor. There are two here at CP. Three, if you count the sandwhich. (added by MattKinsi)
  72. tiakall: ..I just realized I’m writing a dyke (added by MattKinsi)
  73. sushi: ecfept for the better. we all know I”m awesome. 😛 (added by quintopia)
  74. auto: MAYBE THAT’S IT. she’s shaving ALL THE THINGS? / auto: i mean body parts. / auto: which i hope are all in the bathroom (added by sushi)
  75. Klepto|2968: Is it sad that I couldn’t even go a dozen pages without writing gay sex? (added by MattKinsi)
  76. Chom: Rawq: my ferret was taking showers with me. (added by MattKinsi)
  77. Chom: I will always care about your feet. They’re precious (added by MattKinsi)
  78. Hannah: My soul was stolen by a band of angry field mice. (added by Hype)
  79. grumples: “I have to go to a sex party tomorrow.” (added by MattKinsi)
  80. grumples: okay. my wrimo spirits are ameliorating (added by quintopia)
  81. therisingmuse: Loki, I want to see you get to 50k before I collect social security (added by Loki|FiveSpot)
  82. MattKinsi|Starbucks: There are footprints of tea on the way to napkins /// ***MattKinsi|Starbucks whistles innocently (added by Tia|someplace)
  83. “plot” is what I call my BS excuse to play with fictional pathos  (added by MaatRising)
  84. MattKinsi: Apparently we write when not warring and chat when warring. We have that backwards people (added by sushi)
  85. Rawq|33k: MattKinsi: Moist. Delicious. Lickable. And now cuddly! / <@MattKinsi> And I’m also made of tears. (added by sushi)
  86. DM: cocks it’s taken me four tries to close xchat. i’m fleepy (added by quintopia)
  87. Matt|LollygagTo1k: Talk about your douche. (added by DM)
  88. I_write_crappy_tragedies: no, you should not date anyone who you meet at a strip club and Jesus is not there (added by I_write_words)
  89. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (ofuuc) WILL BEGIN IN 2 MINUTES, LASTING 15 MINUTES. (added by MattKinsi)
  90. forever21: I missed my calling.  I should have been a forty year old black feminist lesbian.  Just an fyi. (added by foreveralone)
  91. Hayley: and yes, i do like my meat / I’M NOT ASHAMED (added by Matt|LovingHut)
  92. Tia: Matt, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were serenading me (added by Loki|MoreWordsThanGrumples)
  93. Rawq: I don’t want a penis. I’m too growly for penises. (added by sushi)
  94. RawqIsKillingAllTheThings: Dimi, I blow whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want (added by tiakall)
  95. tiakall: I like bottoming sometimes 😀 (added by MattKinsi)
  96. ThunderRainQuakeNado: tiakall rocks (added by ThunderRainQuakeNado)
  97. Minaku: I don’t go there anymore for a reason.  Because there will be something there that is cute and I will NEED IT with the need of a million lusty Romeos. (added by MattKinsi)
  98. Rawq: Don’t drink feet. (added by tiakall)
  99. Lokiisonaquestforcheesecake: no more feet! no more feet! one percent of the tea has all the feet! (added by Hype|3kordepression)
  100. Mina|SunTzu: THE ART OF WORD WAR (added by tiakall)
  101. Annalia: This is turning into wine bottle erotism (added by MattKinsi)
  102. cosmam|writing: you’re fine with a meal ending with babies, sushi? / sushimustdothings: of course. Just another day, after all (added by MattKinsi)
  103. Raquelin: it’s all about the back door, baby. (added by sushimustdothings)
  104. Raquelin: This has got to be the region most likely to take over the world. (added by MattKinsi)
  105. ben_catching_up: Hi Seattle. If we don’t beat you with words, I’ll rock your city like a bad fault line.  (added by Rawq|writing)
  106. cosmam|writing: I am just happy that you are hitting it (added by sushimustdothings)
  107. “grumples would you like to putt this between your legs?” -mattkinsi (added by grumples)
  108. grumples: i just tried to type “didn’t” and it came out “dick” like three times in a row. something is wrong with me (added by Loki)
  109. tiakall: I need the chat to scroll so I see when people are talking about my soul! (added by sushimustdothings)
  110. Rawq|writing: YES GO TECH / < Rawq|writing> no one tell ANYONE in Athens I just said that. (added by sushimustdothings)
  111. Hayley: Why do Scotsmen wear kilts? / Because sheep can hear a zipper from a mile away! (added by Loki|Navi)
  112. MattKinsi|Starbucks: Only a few people are allowed to salivate on any of my surfaces, thank you.  No one in this chatroom is allowed. (added by tiakall)
  113.  tiakall: apparently I am good at making friends who express their friendship with their mouths (added by sushimustwriteforreal)
  114. Annalia: Hey. cow sex is comforting. (added by Matt|Einsteins)
  115. Sushi: I want to poop rainbows and unicorn and butterflies (added by Loki|Gotaroom)
  116. MattKinsi: I’m sorry your panda is flaccid. (added by sushimustwriteallthewords)
  117. Annalia: I’m trying to get it to poop on sushi (added by MattKinsi)
  118. SparkleKate|PTCWrite-in: oh dear. i’ve walked into a squid war. / SparkleKate|PTCWrite-in: i hate when that happens (added by sushimustwriteallthewords)
  119. Rawq: I can’t decide if these quotes are being made better or worse by the fact that i can now put faces to most of them (added by Loki|CasaAmatula)
  120. Annalia: Fist my squid (added by Loki|CasaAmatula)
  121. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (dong, 10 minutes long): You have sixty seconds until the start of the word war. (added by sushi|uhgbsybir)
  122. Annalia: word padding and crapy storytelling in on its way (added by MattKinsi)
  123. ToddlerChom: poplpolopl4? (added by MattKinsi)
  124. Rawq|TACO: Oh, you beautiful, hot taco. Get in my mouth. Right now. (added by sushi)
  125. Chombie: we played at panda-pain in your face with the bracelet (added by ApparentlyNoSleepTillDec)
  126. grumpy|hungergames: i was on the train today and a strange man sat next to me and asked if i wanted to be his sister (added by ZombieKinsi)
  127. Rawq|writing: …I just realized you can’t spell “heathens” without “Athens.” (added by tiakall)
  128. RawqHasATaco: My novel is not shimmering in peace, nor will it ever. It is rolling over in a gutter, belching, and scratching its distended belly. (added by tiakall)
  129. Minaku: There’s your inspiration.  Write your nano.  Because you could be practicing instead.  (added by RawqHasATaco)
  130. Minaku: oh, go tit (added by quintopia)
  131. HappyMuse: Why does my bf only likes to have sex with the horn in his back instead of his penis? (added by MattKinsi)
  132. quix: Like I said – immediate family: yay! extended family: novel material! (added by Hype)
  133. MattKinsi|EmoSpot: !joinwar-las // MattKinsi|EmoSpot: !joinwar-lst // MattKinsi|EmoSpot: i quit. // MattKinsi|EmoSpot: !joinwar-ast // MattKinsi|EmoSpot: a;dsfdas;fhadslkf (added by Tia|FiveShot)
  134. ***Rawq|football is fertile. // ***GoMotivation is futile (added by tiakall)
  135. Klepto: I guess alien tentacle-rape is what happens when you follow a blue ermine in the forest. (added by GoMotivation)
  136. Lapixystix: It’s a crotch-slushie now (added by Loki|EWW)
  137. Tia: [Matt,] You say you don’t love me, yet you let me top you (added by Loki|EWW)
  138. tiakall: Stop correcting my dirty words you stupid piece of shut (added by Loki|TacoMac)
  139. Chom: also, to ace a chom, you’d probably need a whip and handcuffs. (added by MattKinsi)
  140. Hype: mmm… Violin porn (added by Loki|GADiner)
  141. grumples: mattkinsi you can adopt them! it’s like getting a pet that lives a long time (added by tiakall)
  142. MattKinsi: this appears to be some kind of cartoon // MattKinsi: Oh // MattKinsi: Narnia // MattKinsi: The vouage of the day trader or somethin (added by quintopia)
  143. MattKinsi: EAT THAT MEAT GRUMPLES / EAT IT (added by dead)
  144. Chom: Handcuffs = solution to everything (added by MattKinsi)
  145. Chom: sushi: I did 85 pages of a novel in April to win SF, at the hospital after a surgery and with a blood infection. I think you can do it. (added by quintopia)
  146. aenaithia: you assume any of us have pants on (added by MattKinsi|pants)
  147. <Lillian> Lol <Lillian> Lol <Lillian> Lol <Lillian> Lol <Lillian> Lol <Lillian> Lol <Lillian> Lol (added by quintopia)
  148. MattKinsi: I dont say things while Drunk. Me? never. (added by quintopia)
  149. MattKinsi: I wonder if swinging richards is open on thanksgiving / <@MattKinsi> but they serve cock. not turkey. (added by sushimustNNWS)
  150. MattKinsi: !pick one more long island, two more long islands, fries, drink, sex, write <BattleJesus> PICK: MattKinsi, I choose |two more long islands|! (added by quintopia)
  151. Matt-is-kinda-drunk: this hotel is pretty / i could get lost in the tabletops / i wonder what it would be like to get lost into a table top (added by dating)
  152. MattKinsi: so there are like 20 christmas trees set up in lobby. i almost ran into one. MERRY CHRISTMAS I JUST TOPPED YOUR TREE. and im the only one left in the bar. Ok. Nw back intro hotel sroom completely drunk and watching Hung. (added by Lillian)
  153. Annalia: tia: Is three 200k like three strikes in bowling? Do you get .. wait for it… a turkey? (added by tiakall)
  154. Annalia: I hope quintopia realises that when he left me a rape see to keep going in his novel, I decided to turn it into castration (added by Loki)
  155. Chom|10k: but you know, I’m saying lots of stupid things now because I don’t want to be quoted that often. Matt caught me a bit too often talking about cuffs and whips. (added by tiakall)
  156. tiakall: or maybe BJ is just anti-castration/ Chom|10k: BJ likes his stuff where it is (added by Loki)
  157. Annalia: i hope quintopia realises that when he left me a rape see to keep going in his novel, I decided to turn it into castration (added by TheLibrarian)
  158. chom|10k: !pick tongue, no tongue (added by TheLibrarian)
  159. Rawq|200korbust: Pretty much anything sticking out or hanging off can be hacked off with little issue. (added by MattKinsi)
  160. quix|13k: you say you don’t want people to quote you, and yet you go and say stuff like that (added by tiakall)
  161. *tiakall plants a flag and roars a challenge to the heavens (added by MattKinsi)
  162. grumples: but i do have alcohol and am going to drink it and then i will be leepy (added by quintopia)
  163. tiakall: Are they pop-culture-laden Don’t-taze-me-bromides? (added by grumples)
  164. GoTechSlaughterPuppies: brb. have to teach a second grader multiplication. And to make a coat from the furs of dead bulldogs. (added by sushi)
  165. BattleJesus: Pong! me if you need anything. I’m off to do something productive of my evening. (added by sushi|24k)
  166. Chom: I accidentally ate food cat. It’s not that bad. / Chom: *cat food? whatev (added by Matt|NotWritingButAway)
  167. Chom is in fact a switch: turn on, turn off, turn on, turn off 😀 (added by tiakall)
  168. grumples: i feel like i don’t really know a person until they barf on something i own / Chom: in that case, my face (added by Matt|NotWritingButAway)
  169. Lillian: :O <Lillian> :/ <Lillian> 😀 <Lillian> “P <Lillian> 😛 (added by quintopia)
  170. MattKinsi|TeamGrumpy: if you like it you’d better put a leash on it (added by Loki|TeamQuix)
  171. *tiakall tosses the shark another piece of sushi <tiakall> …that sort of makes it sound like I’ve dismembered her and just tossed the shark an arm <grumpy|teamfood> goodbye sushi <grumpy|teamfood> you’re done (added by sushi|39k)
  172. Klepto: I must ahve been totally into this adult part I’m writing (added by grumpy|teamfood)
  173. tia: boo! boo!/ grumples: you can’t just scare them out! (added by TheLibrarian)
  174. MattKinsi: I don’t wanna know what the red smear is… (added by grumples)
  175. <lillian> I’m not boring. I’m normal. <quintopia> What’s the difference? <Lillian> The difference is…there is no difference…never mind. (added by quintopia)
  176. Chom: my chicken justexploded in my face (added by MattKinsi)
  177. sushi|TeamNotFood: But I promise not to erect myself on you! (added by LillianTeamPants)
  178. quintopia: bopbopbop: i am a puppy! :3 (added by TheLibrarian)
  179. bopbopbop: if there are no power sockers i’m not going (added by Lillian|Javaing)
  180. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (nala) WILL BEGIN IN 2 MINUTES, LASTING 20 MINUTES. (added by Simba)
  181. chom: to improve my note taking today, for one hour straight I compared two states with the relation of a dom/sub. (added by TheLibrarian)
  182. Lokiisinclass: did cullin bang you, me, or both in the elevator? (added by Chom)
  183. tiakall: great, mattkinsi mpreg. Just the mental image I didn’t need in my brain (added by sushimustdothings)
  184. Chom: hum. a woman was eight months pregnant. a man pushed her to the floor in a shopping mall. she went straight to labor and since everyone was looking at her, panicking and not helping her, I helped her giving birth to her child. He was a stong little boy and he had one hell ofa voice but no problem. he’s now named Alex. (added by popop)
  185. MattKinsi: The ChomskyFanClub presents our possibly true fact of the day: Did you know Chomsky once prevented the total annihilation of the Northwest Territories? She glared and the meteor stopped, did a 180, and flung itself into the sun. (added by Lillian|physics)
  186. AngryGodPanda: THOU SHALT WRITE OR THOU SHALT BE SMOTEN (added by Lillian)
  187. Chom: You can set power bars in fire. I can set myself in fire, dance the fire dance and novel at the same time. (added by MattKinsi)
  188. Loki|WritingforaDucky: the new hit song by tia and the peaches: (added by Lillian)
  189. Hype: Bryan will dance until the cows come home. / Bryan: And I don’t even have any cows! (added by Hype)
  190. quix|48k: Write more sex! (added by Chom)
  191. Chom: WATCH ME GOING, BEN. I’ll beat it hard enough for you to see it in Atlanta while I do it in Quebec. (added by TheLibrarian)
  192. grumples: how could you not elect chom for president though / she’s the baddest of all badassery / #chomnomnomforpresident of america (added by sushi)
  193. grumples: how could you not elect chom for president though / she’s the baddest of all badassery (added by Hype)
  194. Lokiisinclass: ill titter it <sushi> you should titter it too <Lokiisinclass> find me a titter-er and it shall be titted! <Lokiisinclass> titter-ed? <sushi> maybe that’s like being uddered. (added by grumples)
  195. You just have to keep reproducing until you spew purple! (added by Loki)
  196. * Chom rubs quintopia’s stomach. (added by quintopia)
  197. chom: go have fun on my fan club and invent newchomsky facts. Apparently that I’m the Chuck Norris’ daughter now? anyway, quebec people are strange. (added by TheLibrarian)
  198. Loki: i love how the standard nanolanta greeting is screaming each others’ names (added by Lillian)
  199. Lillian: There is no humping in my vicinity (added by TheLibrarian)
  200. Sushi: Will you let the fork hump your knives? (added by TheLibrarian)
  201. Loki: Turns out Sushi Transmitted Diseases stack (added by TheLibrarian)
  202. Qin-taxi-a: I want a talentless hack to suck me off (added by TheLibrarian)
  203. Chom: no thanks XD Patron Cafe is a lot better when pure. Tastes like virgins. (added by BattleLoki)
  204. Chom: Just don’t chew on flesh, ok? it doesn’t grow back. You can have my skin, though (added by TheLibrarian)
  205. Chom: please, don’t take advantage of a sick woman! (added by TheLibrarian)
  206. Chom: ok. I need to get out of that chatroom because I read ‘There will be no humping in my virginity’ and that’s plain wrong (added by Lillian)
  207. Chom: Lillian: give MJ some rest. We’ve been gangbanging him for the past hour (added by TheLibrarian)
  208. * Chombie makes sweet love to Lillian’s brain (added by TheLibrarian)
  209. ChombieTongue: well, up in Canada, it means giving head. (added by TheLibrarian)
  210. KariLouise: candian head sounds exciting! (added by quintopia)
  211. Loki: i like em big you see (added by quix)
  212. Internet: There’s a party inside me an everyone’s invited. (added by Lillian)
  213. Cullin: I can. My nose may be protuberant, I know how to use my fingers. (added by TheLibrarian)
  214. * Loki kisses all the porn? O.o (added by quintopia)
  215. Loki: GET INSIDE ME (added by Lillian)
  216. * ProfessorOak shoots Lillian and burns her remains (added by CrispyLoki)
  217. quintopia: speaking of stupid people! / <Lillian> What? (added by TheLibrarian)
  218. Loki|Games: sushi is full of rape (added by tiakall)
  219. Lillian: I pet everything (added by noodles)
  220. quintopia: I prefer gangbanging BJ myself. (added by quintopia)
  221. Internets: How can I break myself? (added by tiakall)
  222. Internets: but my butt does hurt. Can I say I’m butthurt now? (added by tiakall)
  223. tiakall: Internet, you’re not cute. You’re full of tentacle porn. (added by Internets)
  224. quintopia: there’s something vaguely necrophilic about screwing a sleeping pattern (added by TheLibrarian)
  225. Loki: The only reason to talk in real life is because it saves bandwidth. (added by sushimustparty)
  226. tiakall: coffee is like a trap. Looks cute, but bad once you get a closer look. (added by sushimustparty)
  227. Internet: the internet is a delicate butterfly (added by quintopia)
  228. quix: I have totally stopped learning. (added by quintopia)
  229. Tia: Our parents had very poorly timed sex (added by TheLibrarian)
  230. tiakall: I love how sushi’s reaction to ‘om nom nom’ is always terror (added by sushi)
  231. tiakall: damn, I’m a genius. (added by Loki)
  232. Internet: of course I’m for porn (added by quintopia)
  233. tia: leeches are adorable. Right up there with Hitler and herpes. (added by Loki)
  234. Tia: Well I *am* pretty handy with electric devices (added by TheLibrarian)
  235. Lillian: But cans are not as thick as pennies, so… (added by quintispoor)
  236. Lokiissane: think about him hard? (added by quintopia)
  237. quix: you really don’t like anything that goes in your mouth, do you, Lillian? (added by sushiwantssnow)
  238. sushi: loki, you should give the gift that keeps on giving /// Loki: herpes? (added by tiakall)
  239. Sushi: Quin’s love is overflowing into Tia’s! (added by TheLibrarian)
  240. Sushi: I know! She’s nine shades of adorable! (added by Loki)
  241. sushi: minus the sand in the vagina (added by TheLibrarian)
  242. Loki: i think i just 69’d sushi (added by sushi)
  243. sushimustdoadultthings: what, ending every sentence with a punchable uterus? (added by Lillian)
  244. Sushi: My body needed some meat inside it. (added by quintopia)
  245. Ridayah: cooties: The childhood herpes (added by Lillian)
  246. MKMailler: Who needs cable when you have #nanolanta? (added by sushi)
  247. tiakall: this situation is also complicated by the fact I have a cat on my lap <@tiakall> it’s like having a heavy vibrating, warm pillow (added by sushimustshower)
  248. sushi: My hole says hi to your hole! (added by TheLibrarian)
  249. sushimustclean: sex sex sex sex sex (added by TheLibrarian)
  250. sushimustclean: wait, you’re just waiting for me to say something about sex, aren’t you? (added by TheLibrarian)
  251. Loki: every guy needs wood sometimes <Loki> and besides, waht else are you gonna share with the ladies? (added by sushimustnotbehere)
  252. sushi: hey, boobs are pretty / I can’t limit myself to one set of ogling (added by TheLibrarian)
  253. sushi: what can I say, I like to watch… people… writing… porn (added by TheLibrarian)
  254. tiakall: My opinions are like a sumo wrestler and they will CRUSH YOU (added by Lillian)
  255. sushi: but vulvas are weird! can I be an above-the-waist lesbian? (added by TheLibrarian)
  256. tiakall: what makes you think I want to see cartoon babies shitting themselves? (added by Loki|FaceStabbing)
  257. tiakall: yeah, it looks like I’m getting nipped by the top end (added by quintopia)
  258. Loki: The nerds’ll inherit the earth and start eating people. *points to Tia* You have a head start. (added by TheLibrarian)
  259. ChomskyRabbit: I apparently want a rum & cum (added by TheLibrarian)
  260. thequixisalie: no one can be moist and delicious like mattkinsi (added by tiakall)
  261. tiakall: once they get comfy, yes. I’ve got a terrific spleenfort. (added by TheLibrarian)
  262. Tia: Technically “Spanking the Maid” has more literary value than “Harry Potter.” (added by TheLibrarian)
  263. *tiakall eats sushi // sushi: 😀 (added by tiakall)
  264. TheLibrarian: I AM THE MOSQUITO KING! (added by tiakall)
  265. Tia: your penis is getting in the way of hot lesbian makeout time// or dinner (added by TheLibrarian)
  266. Loki: Do you enjoy having sushi inside you Tia? <@tiakall> I do! of course, I enjoy having many people inside me. I’m like a stomach whore. (added by sushi)
  267. quix: my excitement is a delicate butterfly (added by TheLibrarian)
  268. Loki|Writing|Iknowright: how to tell youre writing fantasy: the words ‘the horns that sprouted out of his head when he hit puberty’ appear in your novel // Ridayah: Well that’s one way to be horny. (added by tiakall)
  269. tiakall: drop your pants and we’ll see if your ratio’s golden (added by TheLibrarian)
  270. (added by tiakall)
  271. sushi: People love me inside them (added by TheLibrarian)
  272. Quix: That’s what they call me: Burnt Toast (added by Loki)
  273. Sushi: I like to bang things (added by TheLibrarian)
  274. Sushi: That church sign said ‘Bring Your Baby Daddy to Church Month’ (added by Loki)
  275. tiakall: this opening is a bit harder than I thought, given that I had initially imaged it as a comic page (added by CampLeaderMatt)
  276. TheMatt: So I decided to have Harry take a class in ceramics becuse I thought it’d be interesting / TheMatt: I didnt realize it until a comment that I made Harry Potter become a potter. (added by DM)
  277. Loki: tricky triangle sounds like a sex position (added by quintopia)
  278. Loki: why does the heat go straight to my legs? (added by MattKinsi)
  279. MattKinsi: it doesnt moan well\ not that I’ve tested it or anything (added by TheLibrarian)
  280. DM: dont avada kedavra me bro (added by MattKinsi)
  281. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (urea) WILL BEGIN IN 2 MINUTES, LASTING 20 MINUTES. (added by sushi)
  282. TheLibrarian: its a loshia! // TheLibrarian: a loki in a sushi in a tia! (added by tiakall)
  283. sushi: I’m in looooooove with a penguin faaaarmeeeeer (added by TheLibrarian)
  284. * BattleJesus (Jesus@word.warrior) has joined #nanolanta (added by FeroxLoki)
  285. amberlee0211: Yay BJs!! (added by RuncibleSpoon)
  286. Raq: Matt, have you written Even Kittens Get Cancer yet? (added by tiakall)
  287. flipstewart: i was so happy today… and then MattKinsi happened (added by RuncibleSpoon)
  288. Raq: Enjoy your unicorn biological warfare. (added by MattKinsi)
  289. flipstewart: i had sex once // flipstewart: i could totally write a romance novel (added by tiakall)
  290. RuncibleSpoon: Rotating boobs, BJ guides….this chat is PervsRUs (added by quix)
  291. MattKinsi: We all have an inner mattkinsi just wanting to let out the emo. (added by DreadPirateSpoony)
  292. Raq|makingdinner: Oh baby! Let me take off my clothes! GIVE ME YOUR SALMONELLA. (added by RuncibleSpoon)
  293. MattKinsi: I’m an older cat. (added by sushi)
  294. Raq: Well, great. Way to give me an existential crisis and prove your point entirely. (added by MattKinsi)
  295. DM: Wow I can’t shit enter in Xchat? Lame. (added by DM)
  296. Chom: Do babies taste like nutella and peanut butter? <Raq> You tell me, you psychotic elf (added by sushi)
  297. Chom: just had a baby’s thigh and nah. tastes like turkey. (added by MattKinsi)
  298. Loki: god cannot be eaten / im pretty sure thats in the bible (added by sushi)
  299. sushi: then let’s deflower a bunch of pandas at once! (added by Lillian)
  300. RuncibleSpoon: Licking matt is like kissing the Blarney Stone, only the Blarney Stone isn’t moist and delicious and going to kick my ass for typing this… (added by sushi)
  301. quix|TeamPants: I actually am going to write a “man goes to the store” tragedy this year. (added by Matt|Work|TeamPlot)
  302. flipstewart: lick me at the lickoff (added by MattKinsi)
  303. sushi|teampantsless: I do contain all the tentacle porn, after all (added by MattKinsi)
  304. “The slippery dick is generally found in shallow reefs … grass beds … as well as Yourmother’s Inlet” – Wikipedia (reverted) (added by quintopia)
  305. Matt|Work: My face is covered in taco. // <@Matt|Work> mmm (added by sush)
  306. Matt|Work: I’m not up to date with my vagina slang. (added by TheLibrarian)
  307. SparkleKate: he’s in sparkley rainbow hell over there (added by Matt|Work)
  308. ZombieLoki: helping verbs are the sign of a language put together all slapdash and lazy (added by Matt|Work)
  309. sushi: you can help me poke Satan for words! (added by TheLibrarian)
  310. Time [469b5120@GoodChat-E6F071AC.mibbit.com] has joined #nanolanta // * MattKinsi kills Time // Time [469b5120@GoodChat-E6F071AC.mibbit.com] has quit // <sushi> nice job // * MattKinsi bows (added by sushi)
  311. MattKinsi: I’m perfectly content tonever sleep with a cat. (added by TheLibrarian)
  312. Loki|TeamWarmJunk: i want to sneeze in colors! (added by MattKinsi)
  313. MattKinsi: you can dance around half naked to a Barry White song on the way to get a cup of coffee…/…with a stuffed panda… (added by TheLibrarian)
  314. Watson: Although I still don’t think people like Hitler are precious. (added by MattKinsi)
  315. tiakall: Because everyone should have a good set of boobs. (added by Lillian)
  316. sushi: iiiiiiiii’m iiiiiin looooooove with a toooooooooasteeeeeeeer (added by quix)
  317. Cannikin|TeamLunch: It feels so good inside me. (added by EmoDerpisEmo)
  318. Joyce_S: I wonder the the Architectural Review Committee would approve a drawbridge? :s // zandee: I say they have to cross it to tell you no. (added by tiakall)
  319. Derp: It’s like the Jimmy Buffet song…It’s 12 O’cock Somewhere (added by quintopia)
  320. * Derp gets out the fuzzy handcuffs and cuffs Chom to the chair (added by TheLibrarian)
  321. LaPandaStix: Wrote 300 words on what a room smelled like and then I thought, “oh, she’s pregnant by some other dude. Sweet.” (added by MattKinsi)
  322. flipstewart: now i want to write 50 Shades of Hashbrowns… (added by MattKinsi)
  323. Cannikin: I can’t wait until I have a good case of insomnia and I take it to Waffle House at 3AM. I’m gonna do such amazing writing. (added by Matt|Rev)
  324. flip: and, spoiler alert, he ends up hooking up with his father’s business partner who, after the internet bubble burst, became a tranny hooker (added by Sunflower)
  325. Sunflower Everyone likes my seeds! (added by sushi)
  326. AngryGodPanda: if I’m paying you it wont be for writing. (added by Derp)
  327. Loki: Things you dont want to have to explain to your family: How you ended up in the hospital after trying to catch a bouncy monster in your mouth (added by TheLibrarian)
  328. Cannikin: I think me a Chom need to be awesome scotch drinking goat molesting buds then. (added by Matt|Panera)
  329. Chp,|TeamDrunkMoose: I’d rather hit on pornographers (added by MattKinsi)
  330. Loki: now to clean and stuff. gotta look nice for the dead people (added by sushimustnotbefood)
  331. Derp[flerps]: However, this venture would go better if I could actually find pants. Flying by the seat of my pants is okay for noveling. Going to the library without pants is NOT okay. (added by DM)
  332. DM: wowowowow the W from the previous line ran with the second one and I read it as “I wanked out500 words” (added by Derp[HazPants])
  333. Chom: she’s my first. I will make mistakes. (added by Matt|zPizza)
  334. tally: No more dancing. I’ve got a character to cripple. (added by Matt|zPizza)
  335. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (ipush) WILL BEGIN IN 3 MINUTES, LASTING 10 MINUTES. (added by sushimustwrite)
  336. Loki: holy balls sounds like the topic of one of the parts they left out of the bible <tally> I’ll ask about it at church tomorrow. (added by sushimustwrite)
  337. tiakall: “Two shall be the number of thy balls, and the number of thy balls shall be two. Three is right out.” (added by Matt|GaDiner)
  338. tally: And the lord godsaid let there be balls. And therewere balls. God saw all the ballshe had made and it was very good. (added by Derp)
  339. tally: Minus balls, the second part of that was the verse we taught the 3 year olds last month at church. (added by TheLibrarian)
  340. tally: Usually I can stay focused without it as long as there aren’t balls distracting me. (added by tiakall)
  341. Raq|footballandwriting: don’t worry, Kari. I suck at BJ too/ tally: I thought sucking was how BJs work (added by Loki)
  342. flip: MattKinsi… will you be my backup wife? <@MattKinsi> And sure flip. (added by sushimustwrite)
  343. Derp: BJ’s are serious business. One wrong move and somebody goes from being a rooster to being a hen. (added by Loki)
  344. Loki: hayley: you can do a lot of things with your mouth while youre thinking (added by Lillian)
  345. Klepto: Yay! Ten pages and I haven’t resorted to porn! (added by TheLibrarian)
  346. Chom: I don’t like to kiss with my ass, so I’d rather kiss with my mouth (added by TheLibrarian)
  347. flipstewart: if your cat has inhibitions, start a conversation about how the world could end tomorrow without either of you having known the love of another (added by Matt|LovingHut)
  348. flipstewart: don’t kiss your cat after you’ve wiped snot on it (added by tiakall)
  349. Austin: Matt, thank you. That’s more my kind of length. (added by Matt|LovingHut)
  350. Klepto|LovingPanda: I will not add a masturbation scene just because I’m a bit stuck. >_< (added by TheLibrarian)
  351. tiakall: Derp: instead of row your boat, it’s stroke your cock? (added by Lillian)
  352. Derp[EmoMode]: And as Ceiling Cat provided Bob with lotion/ Along came flip with hungry eyes and grabbing hands / who promptly attached himself to Ceiling Cat’s leg and made a constant humping motion (added by Loki|PromisestoKeep)
  353. KariLouise: cannikin, did you say you’d be genital? (added by Lillian)
  354. poketealdeer: humphumphump (added by Lillian)
  355. sushimustperv: what are you humping Lillianhumps ? / <Lillianhumps> EVERYTHING (added by TheLibrarian)
  356. MattKinsi: Ours is certainly larger than the average. (added by flipstewart)
  357. flipstewart: i hump hands free… patrick bateman style (added by Derp[PERVmode])
  358. chom: “I’m sorry honey, please go get yourself check, I’ve got the fireballs in my pants” (added by Derp[PERVmode])
  359. Raq: “I guess the only thing that can take on fireballs is a firecrotch.” (added by chom)
  360. Derp[PERVmode]: I think my mom could stare down a pair of fireballs and make THEM melt. (added by Raq)
  361. GuyLoki|Class: everyone has a thing | <GuyLoki|Class> matts is the sad one | <GuyLoki|Class> mine is the short one (added by DerpFawkes)
  362. tally: I just need to do it with the lights on. (added by DerpFawkes)
  363. Derp: This the poor man’s version of “Write or Die”? “Write or Frozen Ass?” (added by tiakall)
  364. tally: My dad told me to approach writing a cover letter like NaNoWriMo. For some reason, I think that writing about a 10 year old serial killer probably won’t get me a job. (added by PoliticalDorkMatt)
  365. Lokithelesswonderfulgimp: tias balls are quite large (added by Derp)
  366. sushimustNNWS: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls (added by TheLibrarian)
  367. MattKinsi: I think this coffee is turning me on. (added by TheLibrarian)
  368. sushi: typing one handed is hard (added by TheLibrarian)
  369. MattKinsi: I dont have to make sense./I’m MattKinsi. (added by TheLibrarian)
  370. sushimustsnuggletesticles: what can I say, I do like me some balls (added by TheLibrarian)
  371. auto: the testicles will always be there when the war’s over (added by TheLibrarian)
  372. Loki|Pain|Class: all this testicle talk is making my quote list grow (added by TheLibrarian)
  373. Derp[ABC]: Okay. Furbys are going for 40 bucks a pop again? 1998 called, they want they overpriced demonic toy back. (added by TheLibrarian)
  374. TheLibrarian: im a dude (added by Kip)
  375. Cannikin: Have you tried thwacking it with your penis to show it who’s boss? (added by TheLibrarian)
  376. tiakall: yes, but now I use my dick powers for good! (added by TheLibrarian)
  377. robinegg: i can’t go that long. 15 i can do 😉 (added by Derp)
  378. Matt|Clothes: Ladies and gentlemen… I have clean cocks. (added by flipstewart)
  379. BattleJesus: PICK: Loki, I choose |don’t write|! (added by Loki)
  380. Lillian: I have started really sucking (added by flip)
  381. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (bonem) IS OVER. (added by flipstewart)
  382. sushi: I need a perving partner in crime, though. Otherwise I’m partaking in pervsturbation. (added by Kateness)
  383. BattleJesus: WORD WAR START: YOU HAVE 20 MINUTES. (ufou) (added by MattKinsi)
  384. quintopia: Sushi: You work out your fingers all the time, we need to work out the other muscles too (added by TheLibrarian)
  385. quintopia: everyone blow before you go home (added by TheLibrarian)
  386. sushimustwrite|FEELINGS: you know what makes a fun sunday night? picking out cake from between your legs (added by quintopia)
  387. flipstewart: sushi will it make you feel better if i sing a song for you in irc? / this is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world / and while she looked so sad in photographs, she tastes really awesome with wasabi and ginger oh god i’m hungry / okay so that didn’t go as planned… (added by sushimustwrite|FEELINGS)
  388. Cannikin: Skrew sick people there are perverts out there that need to see Busty Tight Nymphos In Heat goddammit. (added by sushi)
  389. sushi: so it’s a creepstache? (added by Kateness)
  390. Derp: Is eating Kateness like licking MattKinsi? Guaranteed to up your wordcount? <Lillian> Eating other wrimos always does (added by sushi)
  391. sushi: my fingers do lots of things (added by Derp)
  392. Derp: I googled “naughty sushi” in a fit of curiosity and Firefox crashed. It was as if it were saying “Aw hell naw. My poor digital eyes have seen enough already.” (added by sushi)
  393. Kateness begs flip for companionship (added by flipburger)
  394. tiakall: The tongue is normally where you want it (added by TheLibrarian)
  395. sushi: I like having all of you inside me. (added by DerpAstley)
  396. auto: I won’t open IRC because it’s distracting. I will open Minecraft, though. (added by sushimustwrite)
  397. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (goop) WILL BEGIN IN 8 MINUTES, LASTING 20 MINUTES. (added by sushi)
  398. Derp: Moist and delicious indeed! They’re like having a portable MattKinsi -except the cookie won’t kick you from the chatroom for licking it. (added by Loki)
  399. BadGuysEqualXPs: There are never enough dungeons in my life I find (added by TheLibrarian)
  400. Derp: Come join eluv – the newest dating service, made for wrimos to hook up and discuss how to lengthen their…plots! (added by Lillian)
  401. sushi: I will not put my head on your butt if you come flip /random (added by auto)
  402. DerpConnery: Talking about Rule 34? Someone turned on the Derp Signal? (added by Lillian)
  403. DerpConnery: I just read that as “*sushimustwrite gives bj to dr pepper” (added by quintopia)
  404. DerpConnery: In that case, Latin must have been invented by a woman. If a man invented it, the ambiguity would be between “long sword” and “penis” (added by quintopia)
  405. DerpIsNomming: Considering the thought of driving through downtown Fayetteville tonight is about as appealing as the thought of slamming my tits in the refrigerator (added by tiakall)
  406. ***Klepto eats Honeybaked Ham // Loki: the whole company? i didnt peg you as tias protoge klepto 😀 (added by tiakall)
  407. sushi: no stds for me this year! (added by TheLibrarian)
  408. Derp: Balls, heart, nose and spleen, hard to keep the windows clean! It’s raining men! (added by tiakall)
  409. MattKinsi: i’ll give you all the words about sex, prison, and cows. (added by TheLibrarian)
  410. sushi: I’m very selective about the phallic things I put in my mouth (added by Lillian)
  411. Lokimustfleep: World peace can be achieved if only all embrace the Loki (added by Lokimustwrite)
  412. lokimustdrink: I totes understand why fa // Why famous southern writers were drinks. // Drunks. (added by Lokimustwrite)
  413. Lokiisanerd: i keep reading it as Derp|FapNAIL (added by Lillian|LotR)
  414. Derp|NapFAIL: Licking I can get behind. Licking is good. (added by quintopia)
  415. sushi: licking is excellent. it’s better than eating! (added by Lillian|LotR)
  416. Loki|Perving: i dont even want to know what happens if you combine all the perv in the chat | <Loki|Perving> i think we would even confuse japan (added by DerpAmPervToo)
  417. BattleJesus: PICK: auto, I choose |minecraft|! (added by Lokiisunmotivated)
  418. tiakall: I come back from fetching breakfast to talk of sadomasochists. My type of conversation. (added by RuncibleSpoon)
  419. sushi: I am an equal opportunity licker (added by RuncibleSpoon)
  420. Runci|TeamEatKateNTia: They could wind up being limp, chewy and tasteless. <Runci|TeamEatKateNTia> That statement also describes most of my boyfriends, but uh… <Runci|TeamEatKateNTia> Shit, wrong chat. >_>
  421. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (fume) IS OVER. (added by sushi)
  422. RuncibleSpoon: “doing cats?” I think that’d be illegal in Georgia…sheep, maybe, but cats? (added by Cat)
  423. tiakall: I got distracted by codependant lesbian aliens (added by TheLibrarian)
  424. RuncibleSpoon: Wow, I sit down and look at the chatroom and people are eating and blowing each other already. I approve, carry one. (added by Bubbles)
  425. sushi: I do like squirrels. just not in me. or in my pants. (added by Lillian)
  426. raked: I have the weirdest boner right now <Bubbles> But perfectly normal for this chat room (added by Bubbles)
  427. BattleJesus: WORD WAR (sing) IS OVER. (added by sushi)
  428. Typos: tia: how come you’Re npo? yot a t (added by Tyops)
  429. Loki: When there’s a penis, it’s like my subconscious knows and I just have to look at it (added by TheLibrarian)
  430. quintopia: i cant do the allnight orgy until 10pm at the earliest (added by raked)
  431. sushi: what can I say, I like a good orgy (added by Derp)
  432. RuncibleSpoon: Blerf. BJ knows I should be like Nike and just do me (added by tiakall)
  433. sushi: wait, I’m in loki’s butt? // sushi: are you saying I’m a vibrating buttplug? (added by tiakall)
  434. Derp: So yeah. Apparently ass taste is normal. lucky me. (added by sushi)
  435. tiakall: not to mention I’m sick of “I am man with girthy penis, I must save damsel in distress” (added by TheLibrarian)
  436. Quix: I need to get better at time management. I get caught up trying to do all the things and end up doing none of the things. (added by TheLibrarian)
  437. tiakall: yes, but now you are added to my list of possessions! / everyone knows that licking = ownership / so… I guess Matt is like the Israel of the chat. Everyone wants a piece. (added by sushi)
  438. susheevee: i wouldn’t want to suck a shark dick (added by tiasaur)
  439. klepto: I need meat (added by TheLibrarian)
  440. sushi: Licking: yay! nibbling: yay! eating: nooooooo (added by TheLibrarian)
  441. quintopia: “gangs of new york” “aliens of new york” “muggings of new york” “crime-fighting orphans of new york” “godzilla in new york” “mother-in-law in new york” (added by tiakall)
  442. sushi: I mean, I did meet auto’s new roommate while wearing a bright purple penis, so I’m just saying (added by TheLibrarian)
  443. sushi: surprise quotesex! (added by TheLibrarian)
  444. sushi: POOL’S CLOSED DUE TO FISH FUCKS (added by tiakall)
  445. sushi: I dunno, I find some positive feedback loops during masturbation (added by quintopia)
  446. Tia: Sushi! What a surprise to find you in my mouth! (added by TheLibrarian)
  447. Raq: I want to wear pants. Then I want to take them off! (added by Ridayah)
  448. Sushl: ive been eaten! // tiakall: And you liked it~ // Sushl: i did! // Sushl: i love being eaten! // Sushl: im delicious! (added by TheLibrarian)
  449. sushi: babies are gross anyway // sushi: they poop and cry and can’t do nano (added by tiakall)
  450. sushi: you’re telling me. I also got some sperm (added by TheLibrarian)
  451. Quix: I’d like them better if they’d stop attacking my fruit, but such is the habit of beans (added by TheLibrarian)
  452. RuncibleSpoon: and Knoxville? I lived there for a while, some of it’s kind of ugly, mainly around the interstates / <sushi> sounds like a few folks I know
  453. tiakall: Why is this casserole reciting Shakespeare at me? // tiakall: because its cultured! (added by Loki|Mobile)
  454. RuncibleSpoon: Then I can fart glitter! (added by Loki|Mobile)

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