The Drive to 50k PepTalk: Week 1

You’ve made your plans, mapped out your route (or decided just to drive) and it is time to hop in your car.  You’ve got Plot sitting shotgun, with Protagonist and Antagonist in the back seat.  Everyone is excited about the trip – Protagonist is bouncing with excitement.  You tell it to get ready, because you are about to get on Interstate 285 at Exit 1, heading northbound.

The red light at the intersection turns green right at midnight, and you are off to the races.  You merge on, and you see a billboard right as you merge that says “Welome to NaNoLanta.”

It really is a beautiful day, just a few white puffy clouds in the sky.  There’s hardly any traffic right now, and everyone and everything is zooming along at a fast rate.  You’ve heard horror stories about how bad traffic can get on this NaNoWriMo highway, but as you look around everything is going great!  Before you know it, you’re zooming past I-20.

The first week of NaNoWriMo tends to be awesome like 285 when there’s no traffic. Things are rolling, your ideas are coming out easily, everything is going picture perfect.  Just like that first leg of the trip around 285.  Use this time to soar ahead on your writing – get ahead of the game.  Try to speed some while the going’s good.  If you get a little lost, don’t worry too much right now because your momentum will carry you forward.  Just keep writing, just keep driving.

Just remember we’re all on the same road.  We’re all on the same journey with you.  And we’re here for you if you run out of gas.

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