The Drive to 50k Peptalk – Week 2 – Top End

What were you thinking.  Protagonist and Antagonist are refusing to speak to each other after getting into a fight over what radio station to listen to and at some point Plot seemed to lose itself underneath the seat when it went looking for a bright shiny object.  You’ve already threatened to turn the car around, but you know the journey is worth it.  And you can’t make a U-Turn on 285 anyhow.

You’re on the top end of the perimeter and you hit rush hour.  You had heard stories this could be rough, and you think they underestimated it.  It’s gridlock.  And no one is going anywhere.  You’re flabbergasted.  You made plans.  You have maps!  But Plot seems to have taken them with where Plot is hiding.

There’s a traffic accident up ahead, with the helpful sign ahead warning you it would take “25+ minutes.”  Ahh, the curse of the plus sign.  But in a weird way that sign gives you hope – there will be an end, eventually.  You will make it through the traffic jam.  After all, it wasn’t one of the signs that “All lanes shut down, find alternate route.”

After an hour, or a day in NaNo Time, traffic moves from being completely stopped to being stop and go.  You hear Plot from under the seat muttering to itself, but at least you know it’s alive.

Eventually, traffic starts to get moving.  You’re just making it past the 400 interchange and see the massive traffic accident involving a truck of live chickens that are now running all over the interstate.  Even Plot pops its head out to look at it.  And your speed slowly but steadiliy begins to build.

Week 2 of NaNoWriMo is a lot like the top end perimeter during Morning rush hour.  All the sudden, out of the blue, BAM, your progress has stopped.  You have no idea what to do, where to go.  Your plot is nowhere to be found and your characters are annoying you to no end.  It can be incredibly frustrating.

But you know, traffic does start moving again.  I have never met someone who literally spent the entire month on 285 in a traffic jam.  Sure, it seems like it at the time, but you make it through.  And you will make it through this week 2 block.  You will.

Now, maybe you were able to take the side streets and avoid the jam of Week 2.  if so, I applaud you and ask you to forget everything you just read.  But for a lot of folks, this is by far the hardest week of NaNoWriMo.  You can do it.  You CAN DO IT.  You can make it through this jam.

Don’t believe me?  I challenge you to a 15 minute word war.  Right now.  And email me how many words you wrote in 15 minutes.  Set a timer, pull up your NaNo, and write like a banshee for the next 15 minutes.  And then email me how you did.  So I can celebrate with you.  Every word counts.  EVERY WORD COUNTS.  If you can only write 50 in those 15 minutes, you managed to write 50 more words than you had 15 minutes ago.  If you wrote 500 words, you managed to write 500 more words than you had 15 minutes ago.  Both are worth celebrating, and I want to celebrate with you.

Get writing Pandas!  Last thing we want is for DFW or Seattle to beat us this year, and right now they are both whooping out tail. We can make it through this traffic jam and get back speeding if we do it as a team.

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