The Drive to 50k Peptalk – Week 3

If you’re anything like me, at some point during the last week you wanted to stab your plot and set your protagonist and antagonist on fire.  They knew you wanted to, so they hid.  And you could feel them laughing at you from wherever they were hiding.

Not a fun week.  So not a very fun last week.  Stuck in traffic the entire time, stop and go, and then stop, and then stop for even lover, then maybe a little go then STOP.

Well, the top end can be like that during rush hour.  But, we’re moving on to the east end.  And it’s midday.  We’re traveling around 285 on the inner loop, making our trip around the great NaNoLanta experience.  And, let me tell you, things are starting to look a little better.

Sure, there’s still some stop and go as we work our way through today and tomorrow and getting through spaghetti junction.  But, you just heard a traffic report from and you heard something really, really heartwarming:

Traffic is moving.

And traffic is getting back up to speed.

Maybe you had to pull off to the side of the road, kick out Plot, Protagonist, and Antagonist and picked up some hitchhikers.  And the hitchhiking Plot, Protagonist, and Antagonist are all really excited to have been picked up out of the rain and are being all kinds of helpful in guiding you in this journey.  Maybe your old Plot, Protagonist, and Antagonist have decided to stop playing games and being just really really mean and have come out of hiding.  Either way, the car is moving again, you’re moving again, and it’s a great feeling.

Mid week during week 3, it picks up.  I promise you.  Try getting some words in every day until you start to feel that drive again, and then speed down that east end on your way to week 4.  And you’ve heard some wonderful things about Week 4.  You just have to make it there.

We’re all driving with you, we’re all on the same journey with you.  Even the over achievers hate week two and wanted to stab their novels last week.  Everyone is in on the same road, and we’re all about to get a whole lot faster.  Start putting your foot down on that accelerator and go go go!


A few items of note:

-Be sure to check out the google calendar that’s up on the NaNoWriMo Atlanta regional forum [] – the write ins help.  Last night at Loving Hut people were logging 4 or 5 thousand words – it was awesome!  And we even had someone hit 50k while there (Shoutout to Joyce_S!)

-Our adopt a day program is kicking butt and taking names.  Not sure what we’re talking about?  Hit up the NaNoWriMo Atlanta regional forum and look for the days with “Adopt a Day” in the title.

-Wednesday, November 17th is the great NaNoWriMo donation day.  If y’all donate at least $1,500 dollars on November 17th, we will get our very own NaNoLanta theme song written for us by the great year_seven/live2tivo.  I want this theme song *so bad*, don’t you?  And if NaNoWriMo as a whole passes its goal, we get to watch a video of the NaNoWriMo staff making fools out of themselves to boot.  Let’s do our part.  I’ll be sending a reminder email on donation drive day, and on the 17th we’ll be twittering @nanolanta how we’re doing, we’ll have a forum post to keep track of how we are doing, what the number we need to hit is (Right now it’s looking like we’ll need to get up to a total of 2700ish) and brag about your donations, etc. etc.  Think: NPR donation drive, with pandas.

-Saturday, November 20th is the great NaNoLanta Book Donation Day.  I have to be honest – we are way behind with our book drive and it’s starting to freak me, tiakall, and our Book-Driver-in-Chief Hype out.  We need to get up to 3,000 books.  And apparently at some point (I think I was just plain exhausted and was saying “ok” to everything in our chatroom) I agreed to make a fool out of myself at the TGIO parties (details on these to come next week) by doing a dramatic reading of Twilight if we are able to hit our book drive goal of 3000 books on November 20th.  So, if you want me to make a fool out of myself, lets get those books in.  Details, including an email I sent out that has already netted 250 books here –

-If competition is the kind of thing to make you get, well, hyper competitive, let me tell you we are getting whalloped in both of our wars against Seattle and Dallas right now.  You don’t really want to let them win, do you?  We can still come back from behind and stick it to these ducks and rhinos – lets start the come from behind win today.  Write an extra 1000 beyond what your goal was today.  Dare you!

Thanks, and have a great week everyone!

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