the wild world of planning

So, true story, my first NaNo was a spontaneous decision. I’d come across the site through StumbleUpon and thought, “well this could be fun.” What followed was a month of desperately trying to come up with 1700 words a day and mostly being frustrated when the words wouldn’t come. I finished at about 10K that year, and I realized, for me at least, planning was going to be a necessity.


I’m a big fan of the outline, and character profiles make my heart happy, but one of the most beneficial tools I’ve found for planning is Pinterest. It’s free and easy to use, and you can set up boards full of different kinds of inspiration-word charts, character profiles, or just random images for your novel.


The first year I won NaNo, I sat down in October and made a list of 30 words/ideas/concepts that I knew I could write about. I took that list and found images to match, crafting them into a Pinterest board. Every day, I’d go to the notion of the day, and use that to drive my writing. It meant writing way out of order, and sometimes writing parts that didn’t make the final cut, but it got me to 50k.


Whether that concept speaks to you or not, Pinterest can be a vital support system on your journey to a novel and beyond. If you already use the platform, try searching “NaNoWriMo” or even just “writing” and see what you come up with.


Now if only Pinterest could tell me what to write this year…back to planning for me!


To 50k and Beyond my friends!!

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