Two Months Away. Oh, and we’re challenging Dallas.

That’s right Pandas of NaNoLanta.  T minus 2 months.  Your MLs are brainstorming, plotting, and scheming to make this year’s NaNoWriMo the best ever in metro Atlanta.  Be on the lookout for more updates both here, the forums, and our twitter account.

We decided today we are going to challenge the Dallas/Ft. Worth NaNoWriMo group to a war this November.  A total war – total word count and total donations, just like we did last year for Denver.  Why Dallas?  Well, we think we should fight to see which area is supreme in the south.  It’s also going to be a reach for us to pull off – they beats us by 3 million words last year.  This means we will need to write just a little bit more and get a whole lot more friends to join us.  (Look for more details on this in a couple of weeks!)

We’re waiting to hear back from Dallas if they will accept or not, but if they do, it’s on!!

And, as a hint of things to come, if you’re planning on taking some books off to the used book store or goodwill…keep ’em.  Details to come soon.

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