Very exciting chat-news

Ok, I realize I might be one of the only people to find this exciting.  But we’re changing where we are having our official nanolanta chats.  We were using the irc server, which was fine if you had an IRC client.  But if you were stuck using the webpage…it got a little annoying with the constant beeps and brown background.  So, we’re switching to, and it has a much nicer website appelet to use.

If you get stuck with a nickname you don’t want, you can always type into the channel “/nick <insert new nickname here>”

If you’re an IRC geek like me, the info:


Room: #nanolanta

Now, even more exciting than beeps going away, we have a bot in the chatroom.  Think of a bot as a computer program.  This bot is there to be a word war organizer – it times word wars, will keep track of who is winning, etc.  If you ever visited the #nanowrimo chat before, this is the same BattleJesus bot.  If you’ve never seen it before, you will be blown away by how useful it is!

So, geeks of Atlanta rejoice!  And, everyone else who doesn’t really care about the chat room change, just let me be for a couple of minutes 😀


  1. Awesomeness! 😀

  2. Hi. Am new to NaNoWriMo and new to chat rooms – don’t know how that happened. Don’t want to spend too much time away from writing but would love to participate – how do you type messages? Is there a tutorial I could check out? Thanks, Dindy

  3. Hi Dindy – Glad we worked out how to do it via NaNoMail.

    If anyone else does have problems with it, feel free to shoot me nanomail.

  4. wait–we have a nanolanta webSITE!? how come i only knew about the web page that you link to from

    does anyone want to tell me how to initiate a word war? or what a word war IS?

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