We’ve just confirmed that this year we’re going to war yet again during November.

-We’re battling Seattle in a rematch from last year.  Highest average wordcount and highest average donations.

-And for the first time, we’re going after Toronto.  We’re battling for highest total wordcount and highest total donations.  Now, every year we’ve dropped in to their regional chatroom for some general chaos creating – I imagine we’ll be having lots-o-fun this year in our wars.

So why do we war?  It’s a great motivational tool.

In the end, this is all about helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible.  You might get frustrated one night during November, check the latest War results and think “Come on.  We can’t let TORONTO win for goodness’ sakes.”  And you pick up that metaphorical pen and begin writing away.  (So, more like typing, but still.)

Not to mention – these are gonna be fuuuuuuuuuun this year.

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