Week 2: Georgia Writers Peptalk Series

Welcome to the Week 2 peptalk of the themed Georgia Writers series.

And this quote from Carson McCullers might just sum up your mood right now.  “While time, the endless idiot, runs screaming round the world.”

Week 2 is known for…unpleasantness.  The new shiny phase has worn off, and the novel’s end sight is just too far away to even be seen.  This upcoming week is without a doubt the toughest of NaNoWriMo.  Your plot seems to have either gone absolutely nowhere or you’re already done with what you had planned out.  Your characters might very well have gone on strike.  Your self-doubt has come roaring back along with responsibilities you had hoped to forget about.   *waves to pile of dirty clothes*

Even if you want to quit and go on a delete-rampage through your masterpiece in progress, try to get at least a sentence written every day this week.  If you don’t hit the 1667 goal, hopefully you built up a cushion in week 1.  If not, you have some good times ahead in the next few weeks.  Don’t stop writing all together; don’t stop thinking about your novel.  It’s too easy for a one day break to become a two day break to become a week long break to become a month long break.

If you get stuck when writing one day, that’s ok.  Take a step back and breathe.  As Margaret Mitchell said, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”  Just get that sentence down and move on.

Need a little bit of inspiration?  I challenge you to a fifteen-minute word, right now.  Bring it.  And when done, reply to the regional forum post on nanowrimo.org “Week 2 Peptalk Word War” with how many words you got written during those fifteen minutes.

Even when it seems like your attempt to write a novel is hopeless, hope is still there.  Hope can be found in the hundreds of thousands of people also struggling, but had the guts to try something crazy.  Hope can be found in our chatroom and message board.  Hope can be found in knowing that you just wrote something that never existed, and added to the collective culture.  Hope can be found even when you want to throw your laptop across the room and shriek wildly.

And if someone in your environment is being less than supportive and saying you shouldn’t be stressed because all you’re doing is writing?  Just keep this thought in mind from Flannery O’Connor. “I find that most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one.”

We can do it.

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