Week 2 Procrastination: Soundtracks and White Noise

If you procrastinate as much as I do, you’ve probably found some exciting tunes on the NaNo Soundtracks forum. I’ve made playlists for nearly all of my NaNoWriMo novels, from a cheesy DDR-centric superhero mix my first year (2005!) to my most recent ones: 2013, 2014, and 2015. I like 8tracks, which lets you search for handcrafted playlists by tag, but I’ve seen people using everything from Spotify to their offline iTunes players.

So, what are your MLs listening to this year?

I (Rachael) am once again using 8tracks because it lets me share my playlists with friends, whether they have an account or not. Plus, I can play it on my phone without a subscription, and T-Mobile doesn’t count my music streaming with 8tracks as part of my high speed data allowance. I even get to put some pretty sweet album art on there. (This year’s is made with Canva, of course.)


Kate shares her writing and NaNoWriMo playlists with us via Spotify: Music to Write By and Somewhere Only We Know: The Soundtrack

Lillian writes best without music or white noise. Rock on! (I’m way too easily distracted without music or white noise to block out the environmental sounds. You will always see me wearing earbuds during a word war! I have mad respect for anyone who can write without blasting techno into their earholes.)

Alicia says: “I listen to the Vitamin String Quartet station on Pandora. They do instrumental covers of popular artists. It’s nice because I’m comfortable with the songs but I’m not distracted by vocals.”

You can even spy on what James is listening to via last.fm (he assures me that the trippy space tracks are for his calculus homework, not acid trips, but I would never judge)! Click on one of the links on the right, and the site will even play youtube versions of his playlist or recently listened to tracks.

For more random playlists, there’s always Pandora. I’ve tried using StereoMood but haven’t found anything good yet. But hey, maybe you can’t write to any kind of music! That’s when I love white noise sites. My favorites are RainyMood, Coffitivity, and Soundrown. For finding music to put on my playlists, I use lyrics.com to search for topics. You can see my search for “volcano.”

How do you make your writing playlist? Is there an amazing new white noise site I haven’t found yet? I’m always on the hunt for the newest and coolest software and sites, so you should definitely comment and let me know what’s hip these days! (I’m also really uncool, sorry.)

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