Week 4 of the Georgia Writers Peptalk Series.

Welcome to Week 4 of the Georgia Writers Peptalk Series.

“The writer by nature of his profession is a dreamer and a conscious dreamer. He must imagine, and imagination takes humility, love and great courage. How can you create a character without love and the struggle that goes with love?” – Carson McCullers

Hello from our first ever NaNoLanta Evening of Writing Wildly!  I took a break from one of the word wars to tell you – you so got this.

Maybe you’re like me and had a TERRIBLE week three.  I wrote a total of 2000 words during Week 3.  But you know what?  I’m not giving up.  I’m going to try and hit my goal.  But I have a question for you-

Do you feel different?  Has NaNoWriMo changed you?  Are you starting to notice the millions of stories you see every week?  Every day?  Have you seen the smallest action and thought “there’s a story there?”  As Lillian Smith said, “No journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.”

We are on an incredible journey friends.  We’re hitting Week 4 and we’re running, we’re galloping downhill to the finish line.  You might have stumbled and broken your leg, but me and you?  We’re going to hobble down that hill together and hit The End.

Maybe you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock.  Well I’ve got a secret for you – it’s OK if you don’t hit 50k.  I’m not going to tell anyone.  It’s the journey that matters, and we still have 9 days left to do whatever we can to hit our goals and keep marching on the journey to noveldom.   Let’s keep going together.

I have a final quote for you from Flannery O’Connor I, uh, couldn’t work in but LOVED.  Consider this some help if you currently find yourself in a block like me!

“The great advantage of being a Southern writer is that we don’t have to go anywhere to look for manners; bad or good, we’ve got them in abundance. We in the South live in a society that is rich in contradiction, rich in irony, rich in contrast, and particularly rich in its speech.” – Flannery O’Connor

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