Why I NaNo, by MattKinsi

I was majoring in a hardcore science at Georgia Tech and felt something was missing.  I went to a Liberal Arts magnent high school, and remember loving some of the classes I took.  But all sciences just left me feeling like I was missing something.  My roommate found that November was National Novel Writing Month, we laughed and said sure why not.  We each lasted a day and moved on.

I came back the next year and got involved with the community.  I’ve since won seven straight years, and now co-lead the Atlanta region, lead the Georgia Elsewhere region, moderate a genre forum, and more.  And why do I spend all that time doing something when I don’t particularly care if I’ll ever be a published author?

I like being able to dive into my creativity for an entire month.  I can live in a different world for a month.  Think about how my main character would respond to this or respond to that, or get lost in my novel while stuck in traffic on 285.  I’ve met some amazing people through NaNoWriMo and simply my life is richer for having done this.

The community is what brought me back for Year 3.  And the folks I’ve met from doing NaNoWriMo Atlanta I never would have met outside NaNoWriMo.  And what would my life be like then?  I’ll happily never know.  Through all the stress, all the bouts of insanity, I consider myself blessed and fortunate to be involved with NaNoWriMo and help folks, help friends, help fellow travelers, achieve their dreams of writing A WHOLE FREAKIN’ NOVEL!

So why do I nano?  The community.  The creativity.  I can’t imagine not doing it at this point.  Even if I never publish, I know *I* wrote a NOVEL.  Well, eight of them at this point.  I was able to pull a novel out of my head!  If I can imagine up an entire novel, write a hundred thousand words in a month, what else can I do?

So thanks NaNoWriMo.  For giving me a chance to play with my creativity that was being stifled.  For giving me a community of folks I would have never met outside of NaNoWriMo.  For giving me the sense of accomplishment I’ve felt with every “The End” I’ve ever written.

Are you a member of the Atlanta NaNoWriMo region and want to contribute YOUR “Why I NaNo” story?  Email it Hype at nanolanta dot org.

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